4 Things You Should Be Proud Of In Life…You’ve Got Them Too!


Being proud of yourself, your achievements and what you have at your feet is something most of us cannot come to terms with. It is extremely difficult to be proud of anything when more is ahead or others have far more at their feet than you.

However, there is always going to be more and more ahead, and others will seem to always have more than what you have in your hand.  Does that mean you should not be proud of yourself, your achievements and all that you have been gifted?

Being proud of the things you have today, how far you have come and even how far you intend to go can help bring the best in you. Confidence, joy, inner peace and satisfaction can easily spring out of being proud of what we have…

You may think you have less compared to others, but in fact, you have excessively more compared to millions of other people…

If you feel you have nothing to be proud of in life; then you have not counted them…There are numerous things you have to be proud that you have in life. Let’s take ourselves through the following and remind ourselves that, indeed we have a lot to be proud of…

1. Your Life

No matter how hard and terrible life is out there for you, the fact that you are still alive is something you should be very proud of.  Life is all we need to seek the things and changes we want in our lives.

If you think it couldn’t have been any bad than your situation, then think again. When was the last time you watched the TV or listened to the news on radio?

Have you not heard or seen how the number of other human beings who have lost their lives to war, diseases and accidents including natural disasters? It could have been you; they were human beings just like you are.

I often wonder how the people in war torn countries cope. I am blessed and fortunate not to have been born into that situation, so knowing this I have no intentions of wasting the freedom and peace I have to persue my dreams. Many in Afganistán, Egypt, Congo and Syria cannot say the same!

Did you ever think you have nothing to be proud of in life? You surely have, because you have the most important thing that makes you human-LIFE. Nothing can be more important and precious in life than this…

2. Your Past

Having a past may not be such a big deal to you for you to be proud of, especially when it was all bad and nothing exciting happened. What you have failed to consider is that, your past has taught you a lot. The lessons you have learnt from your past are priceless.

No amount of money or school training can give you that level of sense, wisdom and experience. If you have to re-live all your past in the laboratory as means of acquiring the information, lessons and experience, then maybe you would understand what a great deal and teachings your past has offered you.

Being able to talk about your past-either good or bad is something you should be proud of.  If it was bad and you are here today, that should tell you how much you have conquered to be able to be here today. Why must you not be proud of all the pain, suffering and struggle you have conquered in the past?

Even if the pain and suffering has not stopped, the fact that you have made it to today means you will make it to tomorrow and the day after…This is something you have to be proud of…

Your past is a collection of all the valuable journey you have taken in life.  Something no one can buy with no amount of money, teach or crone…

You have something no amount of money can buy in life. It is yours and yours only. It is a unique experience that no one can ever have them all the same.  And you don’t think you should be proud that you have that?

Would you rather be proud about 1 million dollars that others can exactly have it too?

3. Your Future

The future may not be that precious and priceless compared to the past because it is uncertain. However, you have something to look forward to. What can make you proud more than a tomorrow that could bring you all that you want? A tomorrow that your life could totally change to be as you want it?

If you saw yesterday and you are seeing today, you definitely must be proud that you are here and would be seeing tomorrow too.

The future is unknown to you and to even the millionaires. The future gives you and everyone a twist and another chance to let things happen.

What more can you be proud of than having the same thing to look forward to with all the people in the world?

In fact, you are in the same boat with the billionaires, celebrities and top achievers when it comes to the future…Uncertain for us all.

This is the only time you get to be equal with everybody-big or small. Tell me this is not something you have to be proud that you have!

4. Self-Love

There is nothing more sickening in life than self-hate and you definitely have to be proud that you are not doing this to yourself.

There are people who hate themselves and lives to the extent that they give up by committing suicide. You love yourself and you have hope for a better tomorrow, so you are still here.

You may not be aware but inside you do deeply love yourself. Having this feeling of self-love is something you should be proud of.

Without it, your whole existence would come to an end. Without self-love, you will cut yourself into pieces, you will jump to be hit by a car or train or you will hang yourself.

Self-love is the foremost virtue of life, most valuable among them all.  You have it in your hands and that should make you proud of yourself…

What other things do you have in your life that you are proud of? What else do you think you ought to be proud of? Let’s share!


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.

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