Why Quitting Is Sometimes The Best Option In Life


You surely must have heard it all…There is a stigma attached to quitting. Many people believe that strong and successful people do not quit, they keep fighting till they get to the top.

Success is largely said to be embedded in overcoming hurdles and the more you have suffered to get through something, the more successful some people think you are…

The manner the ‘concept of quitting’ has been presented to us over the years has soiled the humility and nobleness that comes with quitting.

There is nothing wrong with quitting in life. What time you quit or what you have to quit determines whether your action is the best option or not.

A few years ago when I finished University, I had a well-paying job. It took me less than 30 minutes to get to work every morning. I had several great work colleagues and soon after I took up the job, I had a promotion. It was not a big promotion but it added some extra pounds to my salary.

From outside, it seemed I was living the life and my friends saw me as the lucky one since most of them were struggling to find jobs.

However, I hated this job. Nothing about the job made me happy…I had to struggle and drag myself out of bed each morning to get to the office.  Though my body was in the office from Mondays to Fridays, I do not remember a single day that my spirit went to work with me. I never took my eyes off the clock in the office since I couldn’t wait to leave.

For almost two years, I lived my life this way.  Even though I considered quitting the job several times,  I had unconsciously bought into the idea that quitting was for losers and there was no way I was going to be a loser in life.

Quitting was not my only problem…I was scared of the future. Quit the job and go out there to do what? Join my job-seeking friends who could hardly afford a takeaway?

What I did not realize was that there are times when quitting is perfectly right. There are times when quitting brings the success in you. There are times you fail yourself because you fail to quit. There are times the challenge needed to overcome is to have the courage to quit. This was one of such times…

When I discussed quitting the job with my friends and family, most of them called me silly names.  The recession was bad and it was not easy to find a job. Many of my friends have been searching for close to 2 years without even an interview.  The few friends who understood my plight advised that I stay in the job, manage with the struggle until I find another that will bring me the satisfaction and happiness –then I can quit.

Though this was the best advice anyone could possibly give, I couldn’t go through with it. I kept tormenting myself each day I had to walk to the office…I had no connection with the job, I did not get any satisfaction and fulfilment from the job. I hated myself for being there.

I went to the office empty and came back home hollow each day…Eventually; I resigned and left the job.

I did not know what was next for me, I did not know where the next month paycheque would come from and I did not know if I would ever find a satisfying job.  However, one thing I knew for sure was that, quitting lifted a burden off my shoulders…

I felt more successful and proud than ever…Quitting gave me the satisfaction and the drive to chase my uncertain future.

For the next couple of months, I spent a lot of time online reading several blogs and that is how I found my blogging passion. I knew I love to write and share my opinions about things but then quitting challenged me to pursue that passion…

My bank account became less than it was the next couple of months. But I became happier and felt very successful with the little compared to when I had that job hanging around my neck. Many years down the line, the path I left quit my job to take has been really profitable as I make 10 times what I would have been receiving from the job now.

All I am telling you is that, when you find yourself in a situation and you have to consider available options, do not totally discard ‘quitting’. It could be the best option…It could be the only option that would fetch you the success and joy you need.

When has quitting anything brought you joy? When has quitting been the best for you in life? When does quitting mean success to you?

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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  1. Quitting is one hard decision one can think of, especially when its the only job you depend on for survival with other dependants and responsibilities as well, there is nothing good than being your boss where you take decision as to what to do at any time but you should also remember life will never be same and things may not go the way you like it but you have to sacrifice. Even you saying, you are okay and happy with your new found job, you are sometimes pissed off by replys and comments you receive on your articles and stories you publish. eg is the Yvonne bleaching story which you became the center story and chewing stick to some of her funs and media houses, even she(Yvonne) herself didnt spare you, which i know you felt bad about some as human…so life wont be 100% and wont give you all you want. Quitting in life can sometimes never be the best option and might even quit your life as well..lol

    1. Definitely, quitting is not always the best option but SOMETIMES, it is the best. Many of us think going through an ordeal or a hard life is what is term as SUCCESS.

      But sometimes, success is as simple as quitting…So I do agree with you that it is not not always the best option, but sometimes it is the best option. Knowing when to go for quitting as the option is what people must pay attention to…

      In my case, it was success for me to quit, it was the best option.I am sure there have been times that quitting as been the best for you too!

      I remember when my friend sworn to kill his girlfriend for cheating, he gathered some knives and was going to head to her life…We talked him into quitting or aborting the journey. And as you can see, quitting in this case was what we call success, not if he had gone through the pains to injure or kill her…He quitting was just a big success to his life!

      1. its not really about the quitting but what you are willing to quit as a sacrifice to face tomorrow….it was a tough decision for me to lose $20000 in some few months ago … the credits n sacrifice to quit chasing what i invested in was worth it…i was sleepless n restless….quitting the sacrifice was an option at that moment and i never regret it…

        1. Glad you opted for a quit under a circumstance and you have not regretted it. What makes it difficult for us to quit sometimes is the time and investment we have put in something as you mentioned. But then, in such circumstance, we must look at what we have a head of us, thus, if we are able to quit. Thanks for commenting!

  2. yes, i understood it worked for you and you are through maybe the next quit might not be safe it depends on your output towards searching for another so quitting varies with time

    1. Yeah you are right…Quitting varies with time, meaning it is not always the best option. But sometimes it is the best option. What wanted many of the readers to know is that, quitting is also an option…When considering what options you have (when faced with a situation), do not discard quitting, it could be the best available option!

  3. I like your article. I agree with you that sometimes quitting is also an option. About 22 years ago I was in similar situation, and I gave up a secured job, at the time I was not quite sure as to what exactly I wanted to do, the only thing I was certain about at the time was the fact that I hated the work I was doing. I was a single mum with one child, and I did not want to be on social benefits, however, I quit my job, my friends thought I was mad…at some point I must admit I thought I was mad too, but the relief I felt overcame the fear of not having a weekly pay cheque. The decision to quit the job I hate turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life, it lead to new opportunities.
    Research shows that in the UK, the average human spends 30 years working in a lifetime; just imagine working a job you hate for that length of time? Your whole outlook on life will be distorted.
    The bottom line is one must be ambitious, and must have the desire to live the best life possible, which must include doing a job that gives satisfaction

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Ama…It is great to read others have come to the same situation and opted for quitting as i did…

      It is not only the fact that you were able to quit your job that makes your story interesting, but your ability to have found something to do with your life, more satisfying than the job you had to let go.

      If you were not happy, how would you have made your child happy?

      There is more to life than just a secured job. I wish we all placed our happiness, well being and inner peace first at all times!

  4. I won’t lie I am one of those who would have had the guts to leave i job i loathed before pursuing my dream, but I do agree that sometimes you may continue to blindly pursue something in life that might not even be something you hate but just isnt going to happen and u need to give it up! I guess the consolation is u may only need to give it up for now…i’ve learnt things need to happen at the right time instead of pouring energy into something that won’t happen no matter how much u want it! Its hard though but yes if u need to quit u shud quit! Thanks for the article its a good reminder of what makes us stuck in life! Thumps up! 🙂

    1. I am glad the article has served as a reminder…Yeah, it is true that one must quit when he/she realizes that no matter the amount of energy that would be poured, it won’t happen.

      Many see quitting as failure and that is what we need to address. It is not always the best option but it sometimes is…