5 Important Things Money Can NEVER Buy You In Life


There are many of us out there who are motivated by money than any thing else in life.  If money and all the things money can buy you in life is your motivation, a reason why you wake up each morning to continue with the struggles of life, that is perfectly fine.

At least something gives you the strength to keep moving.  You are far better than those whose lives have been engulfed by anxiety, depression and lack of motivation.

Regardless of the motivation we can derive out of our desire to have money, it’s likely that you have come to realise that the very important, meaningful, rewarding and most valuable things in life cannot be bought.

Our desire to have money and LOTS of it has been stretched by the lifestyle society seeks to sell to us.

A friend of mine once said ‘I do not know why people are so interested in becoming millionaires. These people do not consider the fact that,  having millions will not only enable them to buy what they think they need, they will spend the valuable and most important times of their life protecting their millions…In the long run, they will miss the valuable moments of life and the priceless things that money cannot not buy’

Let’s look at 5 of the most important things in life that you can achieve without money…

1. Purpose In Life

Having a purpose in life or living a purposeful life is a question that money can never answer. If you are a person who finds real peace, true meaning and fulfillment in adulterated things like the latest fashion trends and latest electronics, then you are FREE to think that money will buy you a purpose in life.

What is the real value and price you place on our life? Do those popular trends determine your existence, price and value? If the answer is NO, then there is more to life than these things that money buys. Believe it or not, there is a real purpose to your existence.

Life is short, beautiful and valuable. Hidden in the serenity of life is its own substance- purpose.

Allocating your purpose in life and living that purpose is the ultimate chase that every one of us must make.  Living a purposeful life is an individual conviction which cannot be fettered by any amount of money.

The uniqueness of your life cannot be purchased with money. If you believe that it is not as a result of randomness that you have life; then you must know that, embedded within your unique life is a hidden purpose which you have to work your way and find.

This purpose that will incessantly satisfy your heart, bring you great joy and endless fulfillment can never be bought with money.

2. True Love

True Love is one of the most precious attributes one can be blessed with in life; it blossoms from deep within the heart. Without it, your purpose and motivation for the goals and pursuits you dream of in life will become meaningless and exhausting.

Love transcends the reach of money, it is a genuine human feeling which cannot be bought with money, bribed, begged, manipulated or forced. Love is the purest and one of the most complex emotions we can ever find.

Since True Love has that transcending power and it dissolves the very borders and boundaries of material influence, any attempt to buy it with money will result to a wild goose chase.

If you ever think money will buy you True Love, then you are confusing True Love with False/Manipulated Love.

The feeling True Love carries is priceless and has no substitute; you can never buy this with money.

3. Inner Peace

What is more important in life than to be at peace within yourself? Achieving Inner Peace in life cannot be speeded or influenced with money. If anything at all, money in most cases distracts people from achieving Inner Peace.

Why do you think people in some poorer regions of the world are exceptionally content and at peace with themselves?

Inner Peace is a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace with yourself, with enough knowledge, enlightenment and understanding to keep yourself strong in the face of discomfort and strain. The bliss, joy, serenity and contentment that come with Inner Peace cannot be bought.

For one to experience and achieve Inner Peace, simplicity, forgiveness, opened mindedness, relinquishment of all negative feelings, purification of the thoughts, doing what you love and enjoying the little moments of life must be given relevance in his or her life.

Money cannot buy any of the above; taking control of your mind and having the lasting feeling of peace can’t be bought by even the richest of all men.

4. Everything You Want

I am sure you have not thought about money this way. Money can never buy you everything you want.  If money cannot buy you everything you want, then what is the struggle for?  Why are you ready to trade the best of things and times for it?

You can have the billions of dollars that you dream of and so badly want, and yet it cannot buy you everything you want in life.

Money cannot solve the puzzle of want; it is not the remedy that will bring you the total satisfaction you desire in life. It can attempt to fill the vacuum, but it will always leave more space than it would fill.

Achieving total satisfaction and getting ‘everything you want’ is out of the scope of money. It is a matter of contentment and selflessness.

5. Long Life & Health

Contrary to popular belief, having millions of cash in the bank does not in any way mean you will live long or have a better health.  If anything at all, I am persuaded to believe that money rather buys you the very sickness you are working to avoid and also places you close to a lot of life terminating risks.

When it comes to long life, we all know that money is no guarantee for this. A clear evidence of this is the fact that you are alive and people like Michael Jackson, Princess Diana,  Amy Winehouse , Steve Jobs and several  people who had millions in their bank are no more.

Have you ever thought about how risky those fast cars, speed boats, air travels and others are? And who has plenty access to these risky things? Those with a lot of money…

I have heard a lot of people make the argument that, money can buy health because healthcare costs a lot. In response to such people, I always say, isn’t it better not to need healthcare in the first place?

No matter where you are, a good efficient healthcare is not that close of a substitute for a good healthy life, something money can never buy.

So you see, you can live a purposeful life, have true love, live healthy & long, have inner peace and above all be content without becoming slave to money.

Apart from the above, most of the valuable things in life such as Talent, Character, Respect, Happiness, Luck, 25 Hour Day, Natural Beauty, Good Friends, Trust, Good Karma, Humility and Wisdom can never be bought with money.

Using the comment box below, I would love to read from you some of the things you value in life that you have come to see money can never buy them…

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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  1. Great article. I hope that it gets people thinking more seriously about money. Especially some of us who come from backgrounds where money and how to get lots of it seems to be the main goal in life. You notice sometimes that some of the poorest people are the ones always smiling.

    1. Making money your main goal in life is simply not a route anyone should take…There is more to life than money. And most of the beautiful, important and fulfilling things cannot be bought with money anyway!

  2. Why are guys running away from facts, ONLY just a few can even read this article, not because they are no time but lack access, where even people have not seen computers in their lives not to talk of being connected to the world because they cant afford it and can never be updated. People take their own lives just becos they cant pay debts hanging on them, Do you mean to tell me this people dont value their lives or dont have a purpose of life, come on fellows, money was nothing in the days of adam becos it wasn’t used but now,.. where you cant even achieve basic and common things without it. Even to urinate you have to pay, you are totally cut-off from the world and no one listens to you even if what you say makes sense.People are perishing in jail now,..Where no one could speak and defend for them because they dont have the money to buy their services and others live there for the rest of their lives without a single smile on their face until they die. my guys, faith moves heaven but money moves the world…Christianity and Islam is FREE but you have to buy the Bible and Quran.

    1. I get what you mean, but the article is about the valuable things money cannot buy…Money is a good thing in life but it can not buy everything-that is what the article is…So even if you do not have money, there are certain things you can still have (as mentioned in the articles).

      You have mentioned people who have killed themselves because they did not have money.That is true. There are others who had millions and yet killed themselves…What does that tell you? Money is not the common solution here!

      There are people who cannot buy legal services and as such have ended in jail as you mentioned. On the other hand, there are people will millions in their banks and probably tried to buy all the legal services around them, yet they are in jail today…So here too, money is not the common denominator!