The 7 Magic Things You Must Do To Be Happy In Life


Everybody wants and deserves to be happy in life. I am yet to find a person who thinks he/she does not deserve to be happy. However, most of us are failing to achieve the happiness we deserve simply because we are holding on things that cause us suffering, pain, stress, sorrow and drain our positive energy.

Below are ‘The 7 Magic Things You Must Do’ if you want to be happy in life. In fact, these things will ease the burden you have unconsciously placed on our head.

1. Don’t Live Your Life Based On People’s Expectation

The unhappy person is the individual who lives his or her life based on people’s expectation.  The things people expect of you are not necessary the things that will make you happy but rather them happy.

Why must you continue to live your life to make others happy even if it does not make you happy?

Apart from the fact that living your life in line with people’s expectation will mostly make you miserable in the long term, such way of life also over burdens you.

You will always be under needless pressure to please people, behave in a certain way to make some people happy and even forgo the things that make you happy to make them smile whiles you remain unhappy.

Remember it is your life, not theirs …You have just this life and nothing else.

So instead of living your life based on the expectation of people, why don’t you wake up and sing along with the reggae artiste Peter (Mackin) Tosh-“I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, neither are you here to live up to mine….”

2. Be The First To Say Sorry

When was the last time you said sorry? Actually, when was the last time you said ‘sorry’ to save a situation or relationship even though you were not at fault?

To many of us, saying ‘sorry’ means we are at fault, we are guilty or we are the cause of the problems. However, saying ‘sorry’ does not mean any of the above, it just simply means, I value what we have together and I am not ready to let it go.

Saying ‘sorry’ has become the most difficult thing for some people in life. What these people forget is that, saying ‘sorry’ is the cheapest means to save the most expensive gift we have in life called relationship.

Saying ‘sorry’ immediately clears the air, calms tension and brings back happiness. The word ‘sorry’ is that magic glue which can repair anything and restore lost happiness.

Remember that, saying “sorry doesn’t mean that you are wrong and the other is right. It only means that you value the relationship much more than your ego”.

Make it a task in your life to be the first to say ‘Sorry’ and your happiness will never be shaken.

3. Stop Blaming Others

Must it always be someone’s fault? Must you always look to blame someone for your actions and omissions?  Why must there even be a blame at all?

Why must you blame others for your feelings, what you have failed to achieve and how things have turned out in your life?

When do you take responsibility for your actions and omissions in life?

What we do not realize in life is that, the more we look to blame others for our unhappiness,  the greater power we take from ourselves and give to these people.

Taking responsibility for your life does not only put all the blame on you and give you the full power to make things right, it also places you in charge of your own happiness and life.

For you to be happy in life, you must stop blaming others for how things turn out.  If possible, you must not blame anyone including yourself. Instead, embrace whatever happens, look for the hidden opportunities in whatever happens and step on them for a better and happy life.

The blame game will never fetch you happiness, it will rather take away your power to make yourself happy and place it in the hands of people who do not really care.

4. Forget The Fairy Tale Life You Want

Most of us are not happy because we expect so much from life when in fact; life does not owe us anything.

The worst part of it all is that, some of us have self-programmed some sort of fairytale life we think we have to live.

Life is not a fairytale or some movie where scenes can be shot several times to make them perfect and flawless.

Life is rough, uncertain, dicey and full of mistakes. Instead of fighting yourself and making yourself unhappy because you are not living that fairytale life you have been dreaming about, why don’t you accept that life is real and learn to be content with what you have?

You surely deserve to live in a big white castle, have slaves or servants at your feet, with the most beautiful woman or man as yours, driving an old classic car, having picnics in the hot weather and with billions of dollars in your bank account.

However, the above is a fairytale…Do not make yourself unhappy because you are not living the unrealistic life you imagine for yourself.

Life is a struggle and to be happy, you must seek to weaken your struggle, build strength and stamina to continue moving no matter what it throws at you.

Forget the fairytale life you seek…This is not the matrix, this is what we call REAL LIFE.

5. Be More Opened Minded & Embrace The Diversity Of People/Things

There are billions of people in the world and all these people are different from you.  We therefore have billions of individuals who feel they are as important as you feel, who feel their ideas are the best, who feel their religion or lack of religion is the best way of life and who feel they know best.

In order to be happy in such a diverse world, you must give up on your close mindedness. You must begin to seek knowledge, understanding and enlightenment. When doing this, you must have regard for the feeling of others, respect their stance even if you do not necessary agree with them.

An open minded person is loved by all, shown respect by all and given the societal inclusion needed to make him or her happy.

You are definitely the best but the guy or lady sitting next to you is also the best.  Happiness comes to those who have opened minds and hearts.  Happiness dwells in many places, be opened minded and seek it in all these many places and you will surely find it.

6. Accept Change

Change is an important phenomenon which must be embraced fully in life. Without change, you will not be able to make progress in life.

How will you strengthen your spirit, grow your mind and achieve inner piece if you do not want to change the things which are holding you back in life?

To be able to make substantial improvements in your life which will bring you the happiness you deserve, you must kill your resistance to change.

Chance is good… Always remember what Andre Gide said “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

You must be ready to change and change even the most comfortable things in order to achieve greatness and happiness.

7. Stop Dwelling On The Past

Many people are unhappy in life not because of what is happening or will happen in the future but because of what happened in the past.

Why must your past steal away your today?

The past is full of mistakes, failures, sorrows and pains, that is why we have today to make things right and be happy.

In some instances, we dwell on the past and continue to compare how great it was to today, forgetting that when our past was our present, we did not even see its value.

All we have is today and instead of embracing today with everything we have, we seem to see more worthiness in the past and the future when we have no control over the past and we are not even sure of what tomorrow will bring to us.

For you to be happy in life, you must begin to live each day in full, work towards making yourself better and build enough strength for the journey of life.

The past is gone, the future is also unknown. All you have is today, so be happy and enjoy it!

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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    1. I am glad you always learn something new…There is a lot out there for us all to learn. Through this blog, I hope we will discover a lot together!

    1. I am happy to hear you have easily understood this. Hope you will put it into use. More will definitely come so stay around and let’s enjoy the journey to becoming better together

  1. I think the most important thing i’ve realised from reading this is how alot of what is making us miserable and unhappy is unconscious and we don’t realise…I think I am mainly guilty of number 4…though I feel I need to count my blessings more it make you realise what you have.

    1. Good to know you have spotted what you are guilty of…Hope you will work on that and make things better!

  2. your bit on sorry isn’t complete. sorry isn’t some “happy glue” that just fixes problems. thinking that saying sorry will solve everything is what leads to people taking apologies for granted. “oh if I say sorry then everything will be fine” but it will not be fine unless the issue that led to the need of an apology is dealt with.