How To Keep Fit As A Blogger Or A Person Who Works From Home…


Despite the million advantages of blogging-freedom, being your own boss, following your passion/dreams, controlling your revenue and several others, there are problems with the blogging or working from home lifestyle that must be dealt with.

I love blogging because of the freedom I have to sleep and wake up whatever time I want. The freedom to pack your bag and travel without being so much worried about money since you can work from wherever you find yourself (as long as you can find an internet connection) is superb.

Blogging also makes it possible for you to spend a lot of time at home, doing things in your on pace. What I love most about the blogging lifestyle is the fact that you can do the weekly shopping when everyone is at work-no rush!

However, as you know, everything has its own bad side…

When it comes to blogging, keeping fit (checks on your health/weight) whiles sitting in the comfort of your living room or office each day is a big problem

The freedom to sleep and eat whenever you want has an underlying problem…As a blogger,  you can catch me switching my laptop on at 10 pm (ready to work) and mostly to take me through the work will be slices of Pizza ordered from Pizza Hut or a plate of special fried rice from my favourite Chinese restaurant-JUMBO.

Over the summer, I met several friends and celebrities for launch and dinners. I also travelled to France, Sweden and Denmark and during all these trips; I fed on restaurant food…

The above together with the fact that I sit home everyday blogging/working (even when I have to go out, I jump into the driving seat of the car) mean that,  I have been hit by the problem that bloggers and people who work from home face-Putting on unwanted weight…

Since blogging is more of a lifestyle than work to me,  there is no way I can change when I eat since my eating times depend on what times I work or sleep.

So if you are a blogger or a person who works from home and has fallen into the weight gaining pit, I have a cure for you. The cure is simple-Join a gym which is open 24/7.

In order to take control of my fitness and weight as a blogger, I have signed up at the Gym called the ‘Gym Group’ and the best part of it is that, the gym is open 24/7. So I can walk in at 2am, do my work out and then come home to work or sleep.

Though I signed up at the gym to keep my fitness under checks, I have realized that, exercising helps in clearing the mind tremendously.

For some reason, I come home from the gym each time with more than 2 post ideas, making my life as a blogger even easier. It seems I am killing two birds with one stone…LOL.

If you care to know, I am visiting the gym 5 times a week for a minimum of 90 minutes.  I make sure I spend 60 minutes (1 hour) on the treadmill anytime I visit.

To be frank, I am enjoying it…

If you are a blogger reading this, add exercising as an addon to the whole blogging or dot com lifestyle. It will not only help keep you fit, it will make writing easy for you..

What do you do as a blogger to keep yourself fit?


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.

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