Are You Living A Meaningful Life Or Are You On Auto Pilot?



Have you ever sat down to consider what sort of life you have? There are two sets of people in this world…

We have those who are in control of their lives, making decisions and planning their lives around their dreams, interest and happiness.

And then we have the other set which has majority of people in there. This set of people live their lives on auto pilot without any conscious planning or regard to their happiness, dreams and passion.

Majority of us wake up each day and switch on our auto pilot machine. All we do is shower, get dressed, eat some breakfast, rush to work, come back home exhausted, eat dinner, shower, watch television and back go to bed. Your life may no be exactly the same as this but then it may be on similar pitiable routine chase.

This auto pilot routine repeats itself each week from Mondays to Fridays/Saturdays…

What scares me most is that, if this routine is not challenged, some of us will end up doing this till we are 65 years when we can retire. And then die at around 70…What a sad life!

In this case, did we ever live our lives? Is it how life is supposed to be? Why are we living our lives as if we are machines programmed to repeat ourselves each day without any regard to our interest, happiness, dreams and personal development?

I do acknowledge the fact our existence is overwhelmed with responsibilities and as such we have to work. However, when would we realize that, we also owe ourselves a responsibility to be happy, chase our dreams and live a fulfilling life?

Am I the only who find this auto pilot lifestyle as lacking any self development? How are you supposed to be happy when you do not make any conscious decision that affects your existence, except to sadly repeat what you did last 2 months, last week and yesterday each day you wake up?

What happened to all the dreams you had when you were growing up? What happened to all the happiness you wanted for yourself when you were young? Have you so soon given up on them for the auto pilot alternative?

Acknowledging that you are living your beautiful life on auto pilot is a good step to self freedom. But until you consciously begin to work towards achieving happiness, your dreams, personal development and prosperous life, you will always live below your full potential.

You have just this life and nothing else…You will never have a second chance with life so why are you wasting your life without making conscious decisions to effect your betterment and happiness?

Look at your life today and consider if anything has changed since last month or last 3 months? What is the purpose of life if all you do is repeat the same routine? What is the difference between how you are living your life and that of a robot or the coffee machine?

When do you break away from this routine which is not bringing you the happiness you want? When do you say ‘NO’ to this routine that would not help in achieving your dreams?

So many of us die without doing a quarter of the things we dreamt of doing.  Majority of us die without also living to our full potentials as result of having been trapped into the world of routine living.

Ask yourself this; apart from the little financial benefit you are deriving from this auto pilot lifestyle, are you any better or happier? Do you yearn for some sort of happiness, freedom, fulfillment and personal development that this auto pilot life is not bring you?

If your answer to the above question is YES, then it is time to set yourself free and live your life to its full potential.

Many people wish and pray that things will change automatically for them. This never happens so if you are one of these people, you have to realize a conscious effort is needed to bring a change in your life.

To be able to have control over your life, live to your full potential and chase your dreams in happiness does not mean you should suddenly quit your job or dispose that thing which is keeping you in a routine (auto pilot). Remember you have responsibilities and that is why you entered into this auto pilot lifestyle.

To break away, you must fully realize that as much as you have responsibilities, you also owe a greater responsibility to yourself to live your life in happiness and satisfaction. You must therefore engage in activities and enterprises that would push you towards achieving your dreams, self prosperity, freedom and happiness.

You can gradually pull yourself out of this pathetic routine lifestyle which takes you far away from your dreams by being consciously aware of the direction you are heading.

Instead of being drifted far away from your dreams by your daily activities, always think consciously about the direction you are heading in relation to your happiness and over all betterment.

Begin to take control of your daily thoughts and activities and make sure your happiness, dreams and betterment come first.

Is your life on auto pilot?


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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