Why Your Blog Is Not Doing Well


There are millions of bloggers on the internet and out of the many, only a few are doing great with their blogs. When it comes to those who are able to make significant money or make a living out of their blogs, then it is even less.

The success of the few who are living the dot com lifestyle have contributed in attracting countless people into the world of blogging, with the aim of making some/full time money from their online enterprise.

Despite having  read all the eBooks, bought all the blogging guides and software, paid the SEO experts and having done all you think there is to do to see your blog become a success, if you are still not seeing the results you want…then I am going to tell you why!

First of all, blogging is not a copy and paste enterprise. You cannot copy exactly what someone is doing (even if it is bringing him success) and expect to be successful too.  No, it does not work that way.

Though you can draw inspiration and tactically build new concepts based on what others are already doing, you won’t see the success you want by simply copying full ideas, practices, posts and topics from people who are doing well.

Those people are successful because they have been UNIQUE….

Blogging is about being unique and having a unique personality behind your words/posts.  The success of a blog depends on readers (traffic) and the strong relationship the blogger has with his/her readers.

In order to build a relationship with anyone (both online and offline), the person at the other end must first like your personality (presentation, approach and voice). After which, he will begin to trust or develop interest in what you have to offer or say.

You can not have a unique concept, personality or style behind your blog when you are out there copying exactly what someone is doing. In doing so, you copy the person’s personality, mode of delivery and approach to things.

Let me break things down for you with an example;

There are several make money online/blogging tips blogs which I know of, yet I have only bookmarked a few like JohnChow.Com and Problogger.Net that I visit each day.  The reason why I visit these blogs is because I like the unique style of the bloggers (their presentation, posts, voice, advice, etc).

The information on blogs in the same niche is almost the same. You will find blogs in the same niche almost talking about the same things. But when you assess these blogs, some few would be extremely successful and others would have no readers.

So if the quality and information are almost the same, why the significant gap in success? It is because some of these bloggers fail to be unique in terms of their style of writing, presentation and interaction.

If you like someone, it’s highly likely that you would buy or try a product being recommended by the person. It is very likely that you would like to read what they write, have to say to you or interact with them. And to like someone, it means you admire something which is unique, true or adorable about that person.

Do not forget that a blog is a ‘web log’, an online diary.  Your diary and mine would never be the same even if we talk about the same things in there.  Anytime you read someone’s diary, you will be able to identify a personality behind those words.

In fact, all the successful blogs have a tone or personality attached to their blogs. It is the personality that draws other persons (readers) to it daily.

So if you have done it all and you still can’t find the numbers you want to keep visiting your blog, then it is time to look at the main attraction (personality).

Being unique in a pool of many is what makes you stand out. And people are easily attracted to things that stand out in a crowd.

To get the attention you want on your blog, add a unique voice, personality and style to your posts/presentations.

Write as you; be you and those who like you will always follow your blog.

Do not walk in the shadows of other bloggers by copying their articles, style of writing and presentation.

The success of your blog is in the uniqueness of your own voice and not that of others…

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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