How To Keep Great Articles Coming In All The Time As A Blogger


The very successful bloggers are those who are consistent with their posts. If you do not know the massive effect consistency brings to a blog, check out my post ‘The Benefits Of Having A Consistent Posting Pattern On Your Blog

How Can You Consistently Produce Quality Content?

As a matter of fact, if you are blogging about your passion or a topic that you have wider knowledge about, you would always have something great to write. However, having something to write and actually writing it is different.

I am going to share with you what has worked for me all these years as a blogger. On one of my blogs, we produce a minimum of 4 articles each day, sometimes we hit 11 articles a day. On a minimum article day, I write 2 or 3 out of the 4 articles and on a day where about 11 articles are produced, I am likely to have written like 6.

I have always gotten something great to say but then writing them sometimes becomes the real work.

What works for me is that, I have 4 different computers (a desk, laptop, netbook and Ipad) I work from. And to be able to continue producing the great ideas I have as articles, I write each article from a different computer.

So this is what I do, I always start with my desktop computer. I write my first post of the day from there and publish it from there.

If I feel like I can produce my next post from there after taking a little break to check out my favourite blogs, I continue to produce my second article from the same desktop.

If I do not feel like sitting up the stiff way, I pick my laptop and then move to the Sofa. So my second or third article of each day mostly comes from my laptop with me sitting in the Sofa.

If I have to write another, I will change location by simply moving my laptop to the desk after a break or write from my netbook.

It may sound weird but it works fine for me. A change of location and the device I am using to do the writing have positive effect on me.

Anytime I change my location or jumps unto a different computer, it feels as if I have been refreshed.

Maybe it is psychology but it does work for me. So if you are finding it difficult to turn the great ideas you have in your mind into great articles, give this a go.

If you cannot afford multiple computers, I am sure you can afford multiple locations while using one laptop.

Let me know the tricks you use to keep the consistency of writing going…

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