When Is The Right Time To Sell Your Blog? I Just Sold One Of My Blogs For 5 Figures…



I have just sold one of my blogs for 5 ‘figure cash’ despite the blog’s huge potential. You may say 5 figure dollar income is great but then, I know of the great potential the blog has…

Why Did I Sell It Then?

There are several reasons why people start a blog. I have a friend who abandoned her blog even though she was receiving over 10,000 unique visitors each day after she found her dream job.

The reason why she started a blog was to help her find a job and the moment she found the job, it was a quit for her.  She hated to be a freelance journalist and through her blog, a newly launched newspaper found her suitable for a senior correspondent position.

That is her not me. So why did I sell my blog even though it was doing  great in terms of revenue and had a massive potential?

For this particular blog, I started it to tap into a very profitable market. The market is saturated with non quality blogs. I decided to enter and by producing quality commanding content, the blog grew very quick with good search engine rankings.

However, after two and half years of running the blog, I realized the blog needs more attention and work to reach its full potential.

I am tied down in other projects, studies and still run other blogs. This means I cannot accord the blog the time, quality content and energy needed to take it to the next step.

I had two options. Keep the blog and cash in on its monthly income which can be far greater than what it is bringing in. And eventually let it sink or sell it out to someone who has the time, energy, resource and ability to take the blog to the next step?

Though I could have kept the blog going and make the money I sold it for in a year or so, I did not see that as the best option. I didn’t want to see what I started go down the drain just because I cannot give it the attention it deserves.

I sold it off and even though financially I know I am at a great lost, I think it will be very fulfilling to see the new owner and his team take it to the next level…

So when is it the right time to sell off your blog? I did when I could not keep it going any more; my friend did when she achieved what she wanted from the blog. I guess it depends on what we want from our blogs.

No matter what it is, I think it is always good to let your blog go when you do not have the time and energy for it.

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