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Last week, I flew into Copenhagen, Denmark and then proceeded to Malmo, Sweden to get a feel and taste of life in Scandinavia.

After years of living in UK, I wanted to know how things are in the Scandinavia since I have heard several stories about the exceptionally cleanliness of these places.

The lifestyle of Scandinavia residents is reported to be far different from that of UK, I wanted to see for myself and try to spot the difference.

Even though I live 5 minutes from Luton Airport, I could not find flights from Luton to Copenhagen, so I had to fly from London Gatwick.

Finding A Hotel & Travelling To The Gatwick Airport

Before going to Gatwick, I spent days searching for hotels in Copenhagen. I have high taste for accommodation so wanted the best deal I could find.

After reading several reviews and considering the location of several hotels, I settled for the Wakeup Copenhagen.

Despite the fine location of the hotel (10 minutes walk from Copenhagen Central Station), the price was very affordable and within my budget.

Back to the day of flying…My departure time was 6:45 which meant that, I had to live Luton by 4am to get to the airport at 6:00am. Since check-in was meant to close at 6:15am, I decided to make use of Easyjet’s self check in service.

It was a good idea that I checked in at home and printed my boarding pass. When I eventually got to the Airport, all I needed was to pass through security and head towards the boarding gate.

At the security gate, my luggage got pulled out because I had liquid (shower gel, body spray, and perfume and body lotion) measuring over 100ml.

Even though I fly a lot, I have always had a main luggage where I put all my liquid stuff (This goes under the plane so no problem). This time, all I had was my hand luggage and per Airport rules, I could not carry over 100ml into the flight. I wonder why I thought I could have gotten away with this. I guess it escaped me.

There was no way I was going to get rid of my perfume (Sean John Unforgivable-75ml), so I rather threw away the body cream (coco butter-250ml), shower gel and body spray. I decided to buy new ones when I arrive in Copenhagen.

Within 1 hour, 30 minutes, the plane safely landed at Copenhagen airport. Walking from where the plane landed to the passport control desks was a hell of walk. It took us about 10 minutes to walk from the far end of the hall to the passport control desks.

Once at the passport control desk, it was a quick sail through for those of us who were holding EU passports.

Here I Was In Copenhagen For The First Time

After purchasing a ticket, I jumped unto a train and in less than 10 minutes, I was at the Copenhagen Central Station. While on the train, I spotted my hotel at the back of the station so finding my way there was not that difficult.

I got to the hotel around 10am (Denmark time). My check in was supposed to be 15:00 and after speaking to the receptionist, she informed me she can let me go straight to my room if I pay 200 DKK extra. I asked her how much that would be in pounds. Since it was less than £20, I agreed to her offer…

The weather was great so after dropping my bag in my room which was at the 12th floor (great view), I dashed out to see what Copenhagen had to offer.

I soon found out that Copenhagen is not that diverse as London. The residents are very conscious of their environment. Everyone out there seems to have a bicycle. The protect the atmosphere campaign (going green) must be very strong out there.

I was shocked to see old women gorgeously cycling around. And the young women were exceptionally fit. I guess the constant cycling must have kept them in shape.

I went through the walkway at the heart of the city to check out the shops. I saw several pockets of people who gathered few metres away from each other, catching some sort of artistry display by performers-gymnastics, bottle drumming, etc…

Lunch Time

I wanted to try something new for Dinner so decided to walk into Burger King for lunch, saving the energy and curiosity for the evening.

Straight from the airport, I realized that almost everyone I came in touch with spoke good English. Having been to places like Paris, I know how reluctant and bad non-English speaking countries are when it comes to English.

In Denmark, it was very different. The waitress at Burger King spoke good clear English. The menu was not any different from what we have in UK, except that the prices were a bit high in Denmark. What else did I expect? I already knew food was extremely expensive in Scandinavia especially Denmark.

After finishing my lunch, I went back to my hotel to take a shower. The weather was hot and I had been walking a lot so needed to freshen up a bit and relax. I also had to work a bit online.

I spent about two hours in my hotel room after my shower, replying emails and making some new posts on my blogs.

Dinner Time

I have dined at Jamaican restaurants, Mexico, Lebanese, Brazil, Nigeria, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish and several others. But I have not tried anything from Greek so even though I was in Denmark, I spotted a Greek restaurant in the morning and decided to give it a try.

The atmosphere was welcoming but the menu was not. It was all written in Danish…LOL. I managed to go for one of their packs which came with a starter, main and a dessert.

After finishing with the main dish (photos below), I had to forgo the dessert since there was nowhere to pack that in. I was too full for even the fine ice cream…

It was an early night for me on the first day, I watched TV and then jumped into my neat bed…Before I fell asleep, I peeped through my windows (12 floor) several times to catch the magnificent night view of Copenhagen…Beautiful!

2nd Day In Copenhagen

I knew some few people out in Denmark through friends in UK and they wanted to meet up so my 2nd day was all about meeting…

Also, one of the readers (Amoah) of my Entertainment Blog-GhanaCelebrities.Com alerted me via a comment that she was living in Copenhagen. I asked her to drop her phone number which she did.

We arranged to meet for Breakfast the next morning before I head to Malmo, Sweden…

Breakfast With Ms. Amoah

Since I was staying at Central Copenhagen, Ms. Amoah met me at Central Station where we grabbed two bottles of orange juice and croissants…

It was more of a chit chat than a Breakfast. We spent two hours talking about Denmark, UK, my blog-GhanaCelebrities.Com and several Ghanaian Celebrities. I opened the gossip pot for her…

Going To Malmo, Sweden

After my Breakfast with Amoah, I asked her where I could purchase a ticket to Malmo, Sweden. She took me to the right counter and after acquiring my ticket, she showed me the platform where the train to Sweden was stationed.

From Copenhagen-Denmark to Malmo-Sweden was approximately 25 minutes on the train. After the train crossed the long bridge which separately Denmark and Sweden, there was the beautiful city of Malmo.

In Malmo, Sweden

For some weird reason, I was starving when I got to Malmo, despite the fact that I had earlier on had a bottle of Juice and croissants with Ms. Amoah.

I settled in for the first Chao Oriental joint I found at Malmo train station. Eating Chinese food in Sweden…LOL! It was not great as you can see from the photo below but I guess I had no choice…

After my food, I went on site seeing in Malmo. I went to check their sand beach out and since the weather was good, it was fully packed with some cuties and nice bodies!

In all, I will rate my trip to Denmark and Sweden 8/10. I enjoyed the stay and the two countries were very beautiful. The people were also very warm and welcoming…

Bad Experience

I used my debit cards several times while in Denmark and Sweden, and I came home to find a pile of charges. Next time, I will not use any plastic when I am out of the country. The charges are becoming ridiculous!

If you want a place in Scandinavia to visit, give Denmark and Sweden a try but avoid using debit or credit cards out there…

 Check out the photos and video below-Hover on photos for descriptions!



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  1. looks like u really had a good time…..the food and all that…lol. and you look sweet urself……

    1. Oh yeah, it was fun…The Greek food was good but for the chinese one, I did not enjoy it much…Thanks for commenting!

  2. Sean John Unforgivable – when I meet you, I will be sure to give you the best gift….hahahahahha. Oh when you stop over in Toronto, Canada, I want to be on your contact list. It is also a beautiful place here. The people are equally warm but food is not too expensive here.

    1. I will take you on the offer…I will surely visit Canada soon and will love to have a cup of tea and some food