The Fear Of The Unknown Is The Fear Of Nothing, So Why Is That Holding You


It is preposterous but extensively true that many of us are held back from taking new steps, risks and even chase our loving passions by the fear of the unknown.

The uncertain nature of the unknown beams into us a catastrophic fear, something which has successfully become an obstacle in our lives.  Most of us have ceased to live years ago because we have been shadowed by the fear of the unknown.

Life without calculated and non-calculated risks is no life. Life without attempts and steps towards discovering new beginnings and opportunities is no life.  What is life if we cannot enjoy and make sense of our passions?

Most of us have ceased to live because all the main substances of our existence have been curtailed by the fear of the unknown. We are not taking new steps and risks because we are scared of what might happen-the unknown.

We are failing to chase our dreams, passions and live them because we are afraid that we may fail to achieve what we envisage-the fear of the unknown.

Over the years, we have refused to look at new things, new ideas and concepts, new directions and have not subjected ourselves to any substantial change. Despite the truth and light in the new opportunities that have come our way, we have failed to follow up because of the fear of the unknown.

We have shielded our existence with comfort. Discovery and exploration does not exist in our world. In spite of the vast world we find ourselves, we have developed strong comfort in our little corners. Strong comfort and content are clear indications of the fear of the unknown. We are scared to get out there and be part of the bigger world, grab the bigger opportunities and live the big life we wish.

On personal levels, many of us have not met new people in life because we are scared of the unknown.  The unknown has no definition because it is not absolute, it is not yet seen, tasted or experienced, yet it scares the hell out of our whole existence.

The unknown can be good or bad and even it can be none of the two.  Have you ever asked yourself what is this unknown that has over the years tormented your life, your vision, your passion and have halted your ambitions?

The unknown is simply nothing…In life, something is what we know, and therefore what we do not know (unknown) is nothing.  So in plain straightforward sense, our fear of the unknown is the fear of nothing.

This therefore means that, over the years we have been tormented by nothing (the unknown). Our dreams have been shut down by nothing (the unknown), our passion and desire to live in greatness have been killed by nothing (the unknown).

We have created these (unknowns) nothingness in our minds to stand as obstacles to our own greatness….Jump out of it today!

Do not be held back by the fear of nothing…The unknown!

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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    1. Thanks for commenting…I am glad this has brought you back to reality. Good luck with whatever this pushes you to do. And let me know how you get on with things.

  1. the greatest set back any one could have in any adventure is fear. fear of the unknown is the first obstacle to overcome to succeed in life.