Breakfast With Award Winning Actor Prince David Osei + Photos & Video!


Award Winning Actor-Prince David Osei made a stop at Luton-UK, on his way to the 65th Cannes Film Festival and we hooked up for an English breakfast this morning (20/05/2012) at my local café (The best in UK…LOL).

During the hour breakfast together, we shared knowledge on the development of the Ghana Movie Industry, the obstacles standing in its way; Ghana’s participating in the 65th Cannes Film Festival, his recently launched clothing line and other things…

After our breakfast, we drove to my flat where I offered Prince-David the usual British hot cup of tea. He was somehow amazed to see that I have carnation tin milk…LOL. And if you do not know, Prince does not like sugar so when you make him a cup of tea, do not drop in there any sugar.

It was few hours together but we had a lot to talk about…Since the Luton Airport is only 10 mins from me, I dropped Prince-David at the Airport on time to catch his flight to Nice, from where he will make his way to join Jackie Appiah , Juliet Ibrahim and the others for the world’s prestigious film festival.

Check out the photos and video below!


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  1. Yeah, finally you drop another one!….again I’m spotting you in your usual sweater and sleeve shirts as inner…you can’t do without them sweater, can you? Lol

    Nice one. Prince Osei comes across as a simple and easy going guy – that is if his disposition in the pics is anything to go by.

    Nice cafe there. You said “my” local cafe? Is it Chris owned? Is it yours?

    Keep it coming bro.

    1. The weather is still cold and without sweaters, you will catch cold. I do not like the whole big jacket thing so I rely on countless sweaters…Yeah, Prince is a cool dude and very smart.

      The cafe is just 2 mins from my flat so that is why I said my local cafe…Not a bad idea to owe a cafe, I will surely think about that and when I have the required money, maybe invest in one …LOL…Again, thanks for visiting & commenting!

      1. @Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Lol. Sure. Abeg do and open the cafe so that I can stop for a free meal when in the UK. Lol

        More grease to your elbows!

  2. do u know that breakfast equals 3balls of kenkey? thought breakfast was suppose to be smthing light,lol.

    u guys had fun i guess, ur sweaters luk cute on u. keep having fun.

    1. You really think so? 3 balls of kenkey paa? English breakfast is not always light oo, they have some heavy plates.

  3. chris tell him 2 put off de sun glasses ok ahhh even in cafe do de chop chop still wearing sun glasses.

    1. @kofi(fiko), Oh yeah…If it bothers you that much dea, then I will tell him LOL