How To Write A Superb Guest Post & Be Guaranteed A Publication



An efficient but cheap way of driving traffic to your blog is by engaging in Guest Posting. Paying to advertise on people’s blogs and websites is not a viable option for beginners and small scale bloggers who have no or little money to spend on advertisement.

It is in the light of the above that Guest Posting has become one of the best traffic generating machines.

However, it sucks so much to waste hours and sometimes days to research and write a guest post for a targeted blog, only to be told by the blog’s owner or administrator that they cannot accept your post.

It is even more sickening when your guest post is accepted and published but makes no impact in traffic.

You can avoid the above happening to you if you keep in mind the below points.

Know The Audience Of The Blog You Want To Guest Post For

On your own blog, it is easy to know your audience because you write for them all the time. You know the sort of post that gets the best response (Whether it is a Why or How post).

The above must also come to play when you want to write a superb guest post. You must visit the blog you want to guest post for and spend time going through their posts.

In doing so, you will have to take note of the posts that get the readers talking, the topics they are about, the length of the posts and more importantly, the conclusions of those posts.

I have come to realize that, people get talking or comment on posts based on how the writer concludes it. It is therefore important to conclude guest posts with questions or activities so that readers will feel the need to comment or say what is on their mind.

Your Editing Must Be On Point

On your own blog, you may not put much effort into editing because you can come back anytime to edit something if you spot it as an error later.

However, what no editor or owner of a blog wants is to spend hours or a considerable amount of time editing someone’s guest post-something that is intended to steal traffic anyway from him. (Don’t think the big blogs which accept guest posts do not know the actual rational behind guest posting).

As much as bigger blogs want to help new bloggers by featuring them on their platforms through guest posting, they hate to waste their own time having to perfect your writing.

So I recommend that, before you submit any guest post, let a friend who has good command over English proof read it for you.

Provide A Witty Profile Below The Guest Post About Yourself

This is crucial and to a greater extent determines if people will click on your link to visit your blog or not. This is crucial because even if a person does not like your guest post or already knows what you wrote about, a very genuine but witty profile will push the person to check out your blog to see what else you got to offer.

This profile must be kept simple but must be a catchy to get people to follow up your link. This is where you are selling yourself. So sell yourself well…

Remember we all hate arrogant people so make sure you do not make any sort of arrogant claims in your profile. Just keep it simple, be truthful but witty.

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