How To Avoid The Mistakes Of 2011



2012 is here and most of us are excited as it marks a fresh start in our lives. It is great to believe that you have left behind all the follies of 2011, the main reason some of us are happy to be part of the New Year.

Majority of us expect a lot of good things to come away this year. Probably 2011 was not great for you and as such you are eager not to repeat the mistakes which came your way…

The only way you will not repeat the mistakes of 2011 is to have learnt from them. Mistakes are necessary ingredients to achieving success in life. The more you make, the better you become…This is only if you learn from them.

In order to avoid the mistakes of 2011 and become whatever you desire to be in 2012, you must acknowledge the power of the mind. My deepest fear in life and also for 2012 is that, our minds are powerful beyond measure and yet we do not know.

What is your fear?  Let us acknowledge and understand the power of our minds as we walk into 2012, think positive and support your positive thinking with hard work.

Do not leave any gap unoccupied in 2012. Walk straight to whatever you are passionate about and get it done. Remember what Mark Twain said, Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do…”

Do not leave anything undone! Don’t be stopped by the fear of failure. You surely deserve better and all that you desire. However, you can only achieve the things you desire by acting, not by failing to act.

Happy New Year! Happy 2012!

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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