Why You Do Not Need Countless Blogs To Make A Full Time Income, Contrary To What Dummies Think!



I am not against the idea of having more than a single blog as long as you can efficiently produce the best of content for them. With that said, content is not the only ingredient needed to grow a blog, your ability to market/promote the blog, interact with readers and become an authority in your field is equally crucial.

In reference to the above, having countless blogs makes it very difficult to achieve any of these things. I read a comment from a friend’s blog which I considered as incredibly funny despite the rational behind it. According to the commenter, he has 50 blogs and his desire is to make a minimum of 1 dollar from each blog every day.  In that sense, he will make 50 bucks per day.

Though that is achievable in the short run with auto rss feed posters, what is the life span of such network of blogs? After reading the comment, I quickly said to myself, this guy actually thinks you need countless blogs to make sufficient money online.

I have come to realize that when it comes to blogging, it is not the quantity but the quality of your blogs that matters. You will be able to build followers and build a list only if you are offering quality instead of quantity.

It is certainly not bad to have 2 or 3 blogs in different niches which you have enough knowledge about…Even with that, you must consider the time you have on your hands and how you will share this time efficiently among these blogs. Remember the old adage, ‘Jack of all trades is a master of none’.

Before your blog can take off for you to be able to earn real income, you surely must be a master in your field. People want to read from those they consider masters in their craft. Readers will sign up your list and keep coming to your blog when you have proven through your content that indeed, you are a master and you stand tall among the others. Search engines will bring you thousands of readers (traffic) when you produce quality and relevant content.

How can you become a master or an authority when you have to share your little time with about 50 blogs whiles others in your niche will have 1 or two blogs on which they will constantly spray their time?

I know others will say you do not have to put all your eggs in one basket, certainly you do not have to spread your eggs in countless baskets which you cannot watch over them too…They will be eaten away noticed!

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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  1. perhaps he does not know the power of creating and distributing unique and informative content onto World Wide Web, and how duplicate content quickly gets any blog or website delisted from search engine results six months after launch…