Why You Are Not Getting Any Traffic From Twitter Despite Your Numerous Followers



Social media joints like twitter and facebook are indisputably free and effective avenues where you can drive traffic to your blog. Every blogger including top bloggers like John Chow and Problogger are always looking to increase their traffic and build strong relationship with readers.

Building traffic is the most difficult aspect of blogging and can sometimes be very expensive too. However, with the help of social media outlets like twitter, Facebook, linkedin, Google+ and others, some bloggers are able to drive great number of traffic to their blogs at no cost at all.

Almost every blogger (if not all) seem to have twitter accounts with some having hundreds and thousands of followers. Despite certain bloggers having thousands or substantial number of followers on twitter, they do not receive any noticeable traffic from this source.

Are you one of those with so many followers and yet not so many of your followers visit links or blog posts you tweet up to them?

My friend approached me today complaining about the same thing. He has over 4,000 twitter followers and yet he does not get more than 10 visits a week from twitter and none of his quality posts get retweeted.

I knew what was causing ‘his no traffic from twitter to his blog’ problem before he even concluded. I made this same message on my Celebrity Blog. I had thousands of followers and yet none of these followers ever visited my blog.

The reason why none of the followers visited my blog or retweeted none of my blog posts was because these follows were not interested in my blog. At this stage, you may be asking yourself, why were they following me then?

These followers were not genuine followers. They were following me simply because I was following them. In fact, I followed these people randomly and asked them to follow me back.

This was the same mistake my friend was making. He was following over 5,000 people and had about 4,500 followers. He had gained majority of his followers by following them and asking them to reciprocate as well as using the TEAM FOLLOW mechanism.

After I outlined to my friend why he was literally not receiving any traffic from twitter (not having genuine followers) despite his over 4,000 followers, he asked… what next?

He wanted to delete all of his followers and start from zero. I thought that was a lot of work and also since he cannot spot the about 10 genuine followers he had among the lot, he would have to delete them too.

I advised him to just create a new twitter account for his blog, tweet to his followers and ask those who were interested in his blog to follow his new account meant purely for his blog.

In few hours, he got 6 followers jumping out of the thousands to follow him. I guess these were those he needed.

If you have hundreds or thousands of twitter followers and yet you do not receive considerable number of traffic to your blog from twitter, then you surely will be making this common mistake.

It is even worse if none of these followers ever retweet all the quality posts you keep writing. This is the time to correct this common twitter mistake! It is not about how many followers you got on twitter, but how many of these followers are genuinely interested in your blog.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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  1. Very well written article…
    This article is written by facing the same issue.
    After reading your article it seems that you have put my story in your words.
    I am also facing the same issue
    having twitter follower but no traffic.
    I am going to follow your suggestion then lets see what happen.

  2. Great article Chris. I’m glad that you touched on this subject. I have my niche topic included in my Twitter name so that I will attract follows that are interested in my niche and not just people that just want to play the follow me game. This article will be helpful to others that aren’t aware of this common twitter mistake.

    1. Yeah Shameka, the whole follow and let me follow you back concept on twitter gives you thousands of followers who are not really following you for what you will tweet but to honour the fact that you followed them. And after people have gotten these followers, they begin to ask why none of their followers is coming to their blog or replying to their tweets…To me, such followers are worse than bots. LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by, hope to see more of you here!