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How much do you believe in yourself, your abilities and your skills? The level of belief you have in yourself to a very greater extent determine how far and the level of success you can pile up in life.

There are days when we begin to loose trust in ourselves, what we can achieve with our acquired skills, determination and knowledge. Self doubt is bad not having a tiny bit of belief in yourself is suicidal; it kills and brings any success ahead of you to an abrupt collapse.

Being able to hold ‘self belief’ puts you just a stone away from achieving whatever you are about to tackle. Our attitude, spirit, strength and mindset channelled towards our goal determine whether there will be a realization or not.

Several bricks are placed in front of us as we journey through life in our bid to achieve success. As positive as some of these bricks are, others are just around to kill the success we deserve. Therefore, knowing which brick to start your journey with is the key.

As a good bricklayer will do, always build your journey to success with the strongest brick upon which the others can serenely rest one after the other. When we get the foundation to the building wrong, every other thing that would rest on it will eventually fall.

The strongest and most important brick need is the ‘brick of self belief’. It is the first stone you ‘must and should’ lay upon which any other brick can successfully rest.

How much do you belief in yourself? Think about this and make the necessary adjustments if there is the need. What is the purpose of starting a journey if you believe you have already failed?

Remember that, your whole success in life fully rest on your ‘self belief’ not what others believe about you.

Build up ‘your self belief’ and walk out of there door with all the confidence compulsory to making a successful chase.

You can only build layers to reach success if you get the foundation right, so work on the foundation which is ‘self belief’ and you will surely attain the success you desire.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.

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  1. Good day Sir,
    You are actually a motivation – i have been trying for years to start a blog but i just keep putting it off with excuses of – how do i get content – how do i get traffic and good ol procrastination – now am presently designing my first blog which will just deal with celebrity gossips for now. Also for you to say you sold one of your blog for five figures is really inspiring. lastly, do you think its good practice to get content from other site even though i acknowledge the source of the content?

    Thank you.