The Benefits Of Having A Consistent Posting Pattern On Your Blog



A successful blog to many people like me is pretty much the blog which can boast of high returning visitors. Setting up a blog is the easiest part of the long blogging journey, followed by producing content.

The most difficult aspect of blogging is attracting higher number of visitors and your blog being able to bring back these visitors again and again.

Apart from little number of your blog visitors who may come back to your blog for the purpose of cross-checking ‘something’ they have read of stumbled on during their last visit, majority of returning visitors come for fresh content.

On this blog, I have a flexible but consistent posting pattern. By this I mean, I regularly post my motivational messages/success posts every Monday and then blogging/make money online tips every weekend.

The above means that, regular visitors to my blog have a fair idea as to when I will put up a post and they return on such days to check if I have indeed made a post in accordance with my posting pattern.

My posting pattern as mentioned above is the flexible type. I know of blogs which have strict posting patterns where they post on specific days and time. This gives returning visitors an accurate idea as to when to visit these blogs in search for new content.

Having a blog posting pattern does the magic needed to grow readership, especially when it comes to being able to bring back visitors. When a visitor turns up on your blog several times without seeing any fresh content, the first thing that pops up in his/her mind is ‘the blog is dead’. The visitor then zooms off from your blog and will never remember your url again.

If you are a blogger who cannot be regular with your posts, then you should be the one to have a clear posting pattern in order not to loose your visitors. By saying ‘regular’ I mean, bloggers who cannot post at least once in a week.

Such bloggers should have a calendar/note on their blogs telling visitors when the next post will be up. In that way, your interested visitors looking for fresh content will visit on the announced dates to check your blog post.

Also, having a calendar/note for non-regular posting blogs kills ‘the blog is dead’ assumption which most returning visitors are likely to have.

Having a consistent blog posting pattern is the secret to increasing your blog’s traffic especially when it comes to returning visitors. It is also a tool to signalling your visitors that, your blog is alive and kicking and not one of the thousands of dead blogs on the internet so they should keep coming back.

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