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If anyone tells you that he has all the tips to help you get Google Adsense right and accrue a maximum income, he will be lieing to you since Adsense dwells on the concept of try and error when it comes to spot placements and choice of colours that really works for any particular blog.

Despite the above, there are certain fundamentals that must exist and must be known by any blogger using or thinking about using Google Adsense before even jumping to the try and error stage (finding the best position of placement).

Firstly, you must understand and be fully aware that, Google Adsense Income is simply the sum of your Traffic, High Paying Ads and Relevance of served Ads plus Ads Design and Position.

Mathematically, this can be written as Google Adsense = Traffic + High Paying Ads + Relevance of served Ads + Ads Design and Position.

The above equation is what is essentially needed to generate a maximum income from your blog. I will explain this a little more below for you to get a proper grasp at it.

Your Blog’s Traffic

When it comes to Traffic and a blog’s Adsense revenue, the simple ratio & proportion logic works. The more traffic you have on your blog, the more clicks you will get on your ads. This is simple as ABC.

The more people that visit your site and see your Adsense ads, the more likely that you will receive clicks. The lesser the traffic, the lesser the clicks will be.

So you have to get the first part of the equation right, get the level of your blog’s traffic high and then, you will be guaranteed a higher number of clicks.

High Paying Ads Being Served

The next important thing to Traffic is the content of your blog. If your blog as a result of the content attracts High paying ads, then you will surely be smiling with Google Adsense revenue.

What content attracts High Paying Ads is very dicey, however, certain niche blogs such as Insurance, Fitness, Technology and others are notoriously known for their high paying ads served by Google.

This is why the niche you are blogging within is very important when it comes to earning from Adsense. For example, if you have a blog on a low paying ads and another person has a blog on high paying ads with the same traffic and clicks, the latter will be cashing in a lot more than you will do when it comes to Google Adsense.

The Relevance Of The Ads Being Served On Your Blog

If your blog is about technology, there is a high tendency that the majority of your readers are technology enthusiast and that is why they come to your blog. If you are bombarded with adverts about ‘cat food’ which is not relevant to your tech blog, then you will surely receive lesser clicks on such ads despite your huge traffic.

You have to make sure you have the necessary keywords in your contents (blog posts) to attract the relevant ads from Google.

If your blog is served with relevant ads which are high paying and you have a good amount of traffic in place, then you will be looking at knocking some serious cash with Google Adsense programme.

Ads Design and Position On Your Blog

Lastly, your ads position and colours are very important in attracting clicks. Even if you have your blogs being served with relevant ads and the position is bad (ads at hidden spots where your readers cannot easily find them), then it is pretty useless.

No matter the amount of traffic you have on your blog, you must try and get enough clicks out of your traffic by placing your adverts at good spots.

Also, the design which includes the size and colour of your ad is very important when it comes to attracting good number of clicks from your readers. This is where the try and error concept comes in.

What works differs from blog to blog when it comes to Google Ad size and colour as well as positioning. However, certain spots such as the top right hand corner is said to be good for ads placement since readers’ eyes and mouse tend to concentrate on there.

Also, above and below contents are said to be good spots too. Remember, it does not necessary mean it will work for you.

You need to use the try and error approach, shift things round and change colours of ads till you are satisfied that you are receiving a maximum income.

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