How To Gravitate Towards “Becoming A Millionaire”, The Simplest Realistic Concept But Difficult To Practise


Many are of the view that success is relative. I do not contend this stand but in our world where many are chasing a common goal, this fades away the relativity of success, crafting a common objective measuring rode for us all.

Most individuals would love to become millionaires one day; a set target to signify a successful breakthrough in their lives of hard work and running around. We have set a common goal of “becoming a millionaire”, however we are lost as to the direction to be taken to reach our “millionaire” goal.

It may be disheartening to read this but I cannot find any euphemism which I can employ to make it any better.  Majority of the people working towards “being millionaires” will never live to see this materialized. I am not a Sorcerer but I am far certain as to why the majority’s millionaire dreams will remain an illusion.

The moment you take the wrong direction to a destination such as “being a millionaire”, unless you realize you are on the wrong path and result to a vigorous “U-Turn”, you will be lost in your chase forever.

Working hard is fundamental to achieving everything including the subject in discussion but no matter how hard you work towards the wrong direction, it will not metamorphosed into a change of location of the object you are working towards. You will walk as far as your legs can carry you, yet you will never find your target since it will be resting opposite your way.

The right direction to take towards achieving your millionaire goal is “working for yourself”. As long as you continue to slave for another person, you diminish the tendency of becoming a millionaire through your work. (Unless you win some Jackpot which is a no go area for any realist).

Working for corporate bodies or businesses may sound cool and easy way out in life but it is time you realize that, you are slaving to make the owners (employers) millionaires whiles you are left with a mere millionaire fantasy.

Be real here and think about this, do you feel your boss or the company you work for wants you to be a millionaire? Who will do their grubby jobs for them if you become the millionaire you desire and quit?

They want you to continuously wake up each Monday and come to them to offer your prestigious services in return for a penny of the actual value of the services you are rendering them.  They will never pay you enough to enable you save or invest as much as it is desirable to make you a millionaire. In fact, they are sucking the hell out of you.

The sad thing here is that, you do not even control your income, it is fixed and they control it. If you want extra money from them, you will have to do extra work. What if they put a curb on how many hours you can work?  Definitely, this is never the way to gravitate towards “becoming a millionaire”.

If you really want to materialize your millionaire fantasy, consider working for yourself. This is the simplest concept towards becoming a millionaire. Would it not be pleasant to be able to increase your income as much as you want by twisting your input?

It will be sad to know that you prefer being on board to being in charge of the board. Take up the wheel of your success and steer it towards becoming a millionaire. Why have a slave master in this contemporary world? I thought slave trade was abolished years ago?

Working for yourself is never equal to slaving since you are doing it for yourself. I am sorry I cannot say the same for working for the boss and company you hate and despise so much. Increase your Gravitation towards becoming a millionaire today by considering “working for your self”.

To become a millionaire, you need to be a free man and not a slave. It is practically impossible to meet a slave millionaire but we see millionaire slave masters all around us. The former or the latter? You choose!

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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