The Mirror Relationship Between Failure And Success, Make Use Of The Former To Achieve The Latter.


After spending months preaching and teaching on the web about Success and the simple mechanisms needed to import success into the lives of interested individuals, it took my recent experience to vividly comprehend and realize the entrenched relationship between Success & Failure.

Prior to developing special interest in Personal Development and Human Success teachings, I had always seen “Failure” as a strong antagonist to “Success” and I am certainly aware that majority of people still hold this misconception.

As I have always echoed, “Success is a lousy teacher” and an absolute reliance on the teachings of success is likely not to fetch you the success you are inherently entitled to in your life. Remember, my catch phrase “Success is a right, not a privilege”. You surely have the right to success but you must know the means via which you will grab your right.

The ability of “Success” to entrench in our minds that “Failure” is an enemy to coming close to him and thereby creating a brawny antagonistic relationship between the two strata of life is one of the lousy ways “Success” employs to prevent us from coming anywhere close. After all, “Failure” is not as bad as we have always thought and understood as long as we “make a grab on it”

In fact, Success & Failure are not real enemies, they are closely related. Maybe they are “close brothers” which means through one you can reach the other. You may be rolling your eyes in doubt to what I am saying and this is just because you have always thought otherwise. I did think along your lines too but that was some time back.

As human beings, we are indoctrinated and “conventioned” to lament to ourselves or individuals around us anything we come in contact with “Failure”. It will not be intellectually suicidal for me to say, “Failure” has been branded a taboo in our contemporary society.

The above together with our personal strong desperation to be successful have denied us a deeper understanding and recognition of the “Success” elements hidden in “Failure”.

All I want you to understand and embrace this week as you continue your strive for the “Success” you deserve is that, “Failure” is “Success” if we learn from it.  Failure is not as bad as we are made to believe as long as we are able to learn from it. It is “Failure” which will teach you clearly what you deserve to know. Remember “Success” is a lousy teacher and it will not teach you anything.

If we do not solely lament in times of Failure but consider alongside our disappointments what we can learn from our Failure, then we become successful since when well learnt, the next attempt surely will bring what we seek.

Do you now get the answer the puzzle of some major fortune winners losing their fortune after sometime? It is because you cannot easily learn anything from “Success” compared to “Failure”. If Failure is success when we learn from it, then Success easily becomes failure if we do not/cannot learn from it.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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