How To Invite Success Into Your Life Using “ABC”.


It is very easy to find yourself wildly seeking for the simplest way to pull in some sort of success into your life or into whatever goal you are chasing. Unknown to most of us, the method needed to fetch success is far simpler than we are made to believe. As I have always said, you do not need to be smart or have the IQ of Einstein to achieve the success you desire.

Achieving success demands the application of the ordinary “ABC” of life. When this is effectively applied, no matter where you are hiding under the sun, success will find you. What is this unknown “ABC” application needed to pull in success and bring to us a complete realization of our dreams?


Ability can be defined as “the quality of being able to perform”. This is the first ingredient needed to pull in success. I have always said and attached heavy weight to performance when it comes to success.

Taking action or having the ability to perform an act geared towards your goal is a fundamental success doctrine. You need to put in some sort of action. You must have the ability to act if you desire to be successful. The dreams you have will not materialize if you omit to act.

Idleness and omission are opposing forces to “ability”. If you really want to grab the success you deserve, you must act and act now. Get out of your comfort zone and pull in the quality of being able to perform (“A” factor). Jump out there today and pull in some action, it is needed to bring you the success you are entitled to.



Your ability to be brave and get out of your comfort zone is the next essential ingredient needed to bring you success. The coin has two sides. It is either success or failure.

The uncertain nature of what you are likely to fetch (success or failure) has crippled a lot of us. We fail to act due to our fear of failure. We lack the courage or bravery needed to pursuit our dreams.

Most of us are filled with “I wish and I will”. We continue to procrastinate what we need to do now in our attempt to hide our lack of bravery. Success comes to brave individuals, risk takers and positive thinkers. Be brave, put on your armour now and step out into the rain in pursuit of happiness.

C= Consistency

The last but most essential ingredient needed to achieve success is “Consistency”. Developing a thick skin of perseverance and consistency in whatever you are doing after putting “A” and “B” into practice does the magic.

There are many times we fail to achieve our dreams or attain the maximum output due to fact that we are unable to hold unto a consistent momentum. After reading that you need to be brave and act, many of us will vigorously step out there to chase our dreams.

However, after a storm of displacement and our inability to attain our set targets, we lose the momentum. Our full of strength and fast moving trains behinds to snail alongside its weakness. Eventually, it comes to a halt which leads to a total give up.

Enduring consistency in our efforts to fetch success is crucial. The formula to this is simple, end the journey with the same speed you started with.

The level of enthusiasm you started with should be the same throughout your chase. Do not lose focus or allow anything to intrude your chase, else you will lose the consistency needed to get you there.

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