There Is Nothing In-between Success & Failure Called “Trying”, Stop Celebrating Mediocrity In Your Life.


Many are times when we deceive ourselves and soothe our failure with phrases like “I was just trying”, “I tried” or “I will give it a try”. Some of us have convincingly created a chimera space between “Success” and “Failure” called “Trying”.

As we forge forward in life, the constant deceit of ourselves in relation to the state of affairs in our lives is a major factor channelling our inability to achieve the success we long for. Celebrating mediocrity is not far from accepting whatever less comes your way.

In a majority of instances and endeavours, many of us have consciously created a “3 strata of progress” namely “Success”, “Trying” and “Failure” when indeed there should only be 2 layers of development. It is either a Success or a Failure.

In our efforts to run away from shame, our failure and be less responsible for our mistakes which we need to accept so as to build new structures, ideas and opportunities to combat on our follies, we glorify our failure by labelling it a “try”.

The danger of failing to acknowledge failure as a total fall on the back, hence the need to reconstitute yourself and bounce back by calling it a mere “Try” is that, you do not feel and do not take full responsibility of your inability to attain the desired Success.

There is no pain attached to “Trying”. You do not feel any substantial hurt in your achievements, neither do you feel you have lost anything since you were just trying or you just gave it a try.

I will give it a try is a losing mindset. Do not live by this fake concept of finding refuge in-between Success and Failure.

The difference between a failure and “tryer” roots within the aftermath of their actions or omissions. Whiles the former will acknowledge his failure, re-develop and build up himself and come back with a full force to achieve that which he initially failed to accomplish, the latter moves on to try the next available project, he does not feel the need to evaluate what went wrong, let alone consider a come back. After all, it was just a try, no hard feelings.

It will serve us better if we become truthful to ourselves by acknowledging “Success” and “Failure” as the only available layers in life which will then lead us into a necessary voyage towards the eradication of the false success “look alike” layer called “Trying”.

Anyone who seeks to glorify his failure will not see the positive side of failing-learning from your failure. Let us not celebrate patchiness by attempting to bridge the gap between Success and Failure with this mislaid concept of “Trying”.

Whoever says I tried, I was just trying or I will try is worse than a failure, because he does not even acknowledge his own failure, let alone to learn from it. There is nothing like “Trying”, it is either “Success” or “Failure”. You chose!

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.

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  1. I understand this well… but hmm, if you do not step out to “try” something, how can you succeed in it? How will you ever know what you are capaple of, if you don’t try?

    I think there is no harm in trying, yet, you should never focus or put your heart into “trying” but instead work on succeeding, or have a goal of winning. “Claim” whatever it is you want for your life. People who are too afraid to try something for themselves will be stuck in the same place while their peers will be off doing far better in the years ahead. Then they will wonder to themselves… could I have done that as well?
    My answer… you should have tried, lol.