Effective Networking, The Most Important Single Ingredient Of Success


I have said time and again that success is a lousy, dicey and uncertain concept. You can be riding high today with success at your foot, without some little bit of luck and know how, you can easily loose all the success you have attained.

In a similar light, you can be living today without anything to your name or progress, but with just a little shake up in your attitude, direction and mode of interaction, you could find your dreams becoming a reality.

The struggle to one day meet and bring success into our lives is deeply entrenched in the minds of almost every individual who has enough sense and good taste for fine and great things.

It is famously said that, what we desire, we will surely get. I wish success and its lousy nature followed this simple principle of acquisition-“Just desire and in no time, you will get all that you desire”.

If it was that straightforward, I would not have been tirelessly working on such write-ups or even build up my Personal Development and Human Success blog (ScrewLife.Com) to help bring smart people like you to a close proximity with success.

Achieving success might sound complicated, vast and hard work to some people but to the smart ones, it is all about grabbing the right ingredient or taking the right path.

Most intricate things like “Success” are made up of several ingredients. If we are lucky, we are told of their composition and means of acquisition. When it comes to success, not all the ingredients are apparent and those that are known are so many and difficult to grab.

The known ingredients needed to achieve “Success” are but not limited to hard work, courage, doggedness, passion and networking. Among these uncountable ingredients, the most important of all is “knowing how to get along with people” (Effective networking).

Why Is This The Most Important Single Ingredient Of Success

Apart from the scholarly fact that Theodore Roosevelt, a successful man and the 26th President of the United States emphatically stated that “The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people”, there is substantial evidence that effective networking or loosely tagged “who you know” is fundamental to achieving success in life.

What you know will not always bring you the success you desire, but knowing the right persons at the right places and getting on well with these people mostly will fetch you the success you wish for.

The people around us are primarily the determinants of our success and failure. It does not hurt to have a great relationship with people. Knowing how to get along with people is an easy skill needed to bring us all the success we desire.

Have you ever thought of why most great men seem to have gone to the same college?.

If you ever get to think about this, remember not all of these men started as great as how they are now, there were some few great ones out there and those who knew how to get along with the great ones metamphosed into greatness( that is the power of effective networking).

Look around your daily life and work on your networking skills. If you are keen on becoming successful and jump out of just being a mere dreamer, you need to know how to get along with people.

No matter who you come in contact with in life, employ your “getting along” skill. Do not be unnecessary mean or unconcern with things and people around you. Remember, we can be made and unmade by the people around us.

Grab the success you desire by mastering the most important single ingredient of achieving success-“knowing how to get along with people”.

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