Why Most Blogs Fail, Is Your Blog Making Enough Money Online?


I have come across people in the world of blogging attributing the failure of many blogs to the ease at which a blog can be set up coupled with the no or less cost of running a blog syndrome.

Though the above are two of the numerous reasons why most blogs fail or have failed, I believe there is a common and far serious reason why most blogs are unable to survive the non money making stage to make it to the “cash in” stage.

It is always refreshing and challenging to read and learn that certain big blogs like my all time favourites “JohnChow.Com” and “ProBloggers.Net” are making more than 30 thousand US Dollars each month.

The fact that many are making it with their blogs means you can also do it. In the same light, the fact that many have failed with their blogs and cannot even make a living out of them also means you can fall into the failing ditch of blogging.

If you care to know, Technorati reported in the beginning of 2009 that there are over 200 million blogs online. I certainly know there is more than that by now and even a lot of people contested this figure then, saying there are more blogs than just 200 million.

However, less than 1 percent of these blogs can boost of a decent income.  When I say a decent income, I mean just enough to enable their owners make a living.

Where does your blog fall now? If your blog is not in the less than 1 percent zone, then you seriously have some work to do and push it there else you will end up with the majority, the failing or failed blogs.

I am going to consider the 2 major reasons why blogs fail to enable you scrutinize your blogging model, reform it if you have to in other to jump the hurdle and quickly make your way into the minority (successful blogs).

Lack Of Focus

Everyone with access to the internet can have a blog and as such, almost all of us with the blogging exposure seem to have one to our names. I guess some people are just happy to say, I have a blog and do not care about making any money out of their blogs.

If you happen to be one of such people who have strong antagonist mindset against making money from blogs, then you do not need to focus on your blog much, after all, all you care about is to see it online and nothing more than that.

Some of us do not just want to have blogs but would want to make a living or some cash out of our blogs and hard work. The funny bit here is that in our bid to make money from our blogs, probably thinking that if one has a single blog and is able to make $1 a day from such blog, then it will be more profitable to have 20 or more blogs. Simple arithmetic, if 1 blog is $1 a day, then 50 blogs equal $50 a day.

What we forget is that, this sort of mathematics does not work with blogging. The moment you start to divide your attention, your success fuel starts to leak. Eventually, they will finish and you will come to a complete halt.

Lack of focus by bloggers is a major ingredient why there are uncountable blogs seeking to make money online, yet only a few are making enough cash to support their average lifestyle.

Do not go by the progressive blog arithmetic, more blogs equal to more money is for losers. In fact, more blogs equal less focus which is equal to eventual crash (failure).

Poor/ Non Valuable Content

I guess some of us will be laughing and calling those with many blogs or with the above mindset of having more blogs to generate more income losers. We should not forget that we are equally swimming in the same sea of failure if our blog is full of poor or non valuable contents.

One may ask, what is a valuable content? I wish I can give you a vivid definition of what a valuable content is but this is not fix as it may vary from niche to niche and audience to audience.

A valuable content is one that will be of use to your readers or that will be of value to them. Such content is good enough to bring a reader back to your blog or recommend your blog to his friend.

Many think packing your blogs with more contents is a sign of progress or gear towards the right direction. Running through someone’s blog to collect all their post and pile them up on your blog will not get you into the minority. It will rather push you deep into the majority.

Think about your readers, they came to your blog because they want to read something from you. If you even have a good number of readers and you feed them with other people’s post, they will eventually go to the original writers. Why would I waste my time with a reseller when I can go to the manufacture directly? Thinks about this!

As a blogger, things I do not care much about are “bots”. I always close my mind to their existence and write for human beings. Your content is valuable if it is what your readers need and not what bots will enjoy and get you quickly into search engines or to place you first on Google.

If you write all your post with particular keywords in mind in other to rank first on those keywords which you may eventually get since you are a blogger designed for bots. What will you gain from this after you achieve all your keywords ranking? I will tell you what will follow next….

Anyone who will search that particular keyword will find you on top, then proceed to your site followed by a click on the X button after reading your first sentence.

Do not ask why… The reason is, you write for bots and this is a human being, the person will quickly exit and next time the person sees your blog’s link in Google search or anywhere, he will definitely skip it. In the long run, you will drop from your keyword rankings into the ditch of failure.

Valuable content comes out of hard work, good research and having it in mind that your readers are human beings like you and not some “damn” Google bots is a plus.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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  1. Okay please explain this to me like 5 yr old. Okay, content matters and dedication to a singular blog matters but how exactly did johnchow make his 30grand a month? I mean in practical terms was all based on consignmented advertising or was it all a matter of charging for readers to enjoy his blog

    1. John Chow makes most of his money through advertisements (he has a huge traffic to his site) and affiliate marketing.

      He is an internet marketer/blogger who makes money online by telling people how he makes money online.

      You can visit his site for a peep!

  2. i see, i will visit the site. okay this time explain it to me like im unemployed. How would i get paid, cash sent by the afilliat marketing companies or a weekly check signed/delivered by a company like WordPress, Youtube or Google?