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If you have always wanted to have your own blog/website, this is the time.

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As I recently wrote, “The way money is made has changed–the 200-year old appalling and stressful way to earn income has become obsolete and stupid.  You must desire to join the new rich or those who employ ‘Smart Living for Smart People’ techniques to make money, and seek to “break free from the economic slavery of today, transposed from the Industrial Revolution era”.

If you are spending a lot of time online, then what stops you from making money with the same time you spend here?

If you are online already, then it is either you are making from your presence or helping others make money from your presence. The former should be desired by every smart person with internet connectivity.”

I have over the years set up blogs for several people who have taken advantage of my free blog set up offers and the blogging journey for most of these people has been interesting—income-wise and personal growth-wise.

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