What I Did On My Birthday In Photos…

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I am not going to do any lengthy write-up since they say photos speak for themselves…

Yesterday (9th August) was my birthday, another year was added to my life journey and below is how I enjoyed the day…

It was great, fun and amazing… 😉

I started the day with early morning designer cup cakes…

Then it was brunch at my favourite local cafe…

And it was time for Archery…My new found love, courtesy of 2012 London Olympics

The Dinner was yummy yummy…Kelewele and Chinchinga for starter and then Waakye as the main course (If you are wondering what these are, they are indigenous Ghanaian food, very yummy)



Now the Birthday boy says…Thanks to all for the well wishes ! 🙂  Take the kiss below home! LOL



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