A Dinner & Cinema With Sexy Actress & T.V Presenter-Joselyn Dumas + Photos & Video!

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I am done with studies (let’s say I have finished with the first face of studies) and as such, I will be doing a lot of interesting travels, lunches and dinners with various celebrities, friends and family (I will blog on most of these things on my newly launched personal blog-www.TopVincent.Com).

Few days ago, award winning Actress-Ama K. Abebrese was in town and we caught up for lunch. Coincidentally, that day was her birthday as well so we had a lot to dish out whiles enjoying an aromatic Thai food at a quite and posh West London restaurant. (Click Here For Photos & More).

Yesterday, I caught up with top TV presenter & Actress extradoniare-Joselyn Dumas for a cosy  Dinner at Wandsworth’s Ekachai Dinning Room, followed by a trip to the world of  ‘Avengers’.

After our loving dinner and having had enough chats and giggles, we headed to the cinema to enjoy the much talked about movie-‘Avengers’ in 3D.

Grabbing a large ‘bag’ of popcorn and rocking our 3D glasses, we were taken into the exciting and valiant world of the ‘Avengers’.

Joselyn Dumas has a hidden love for super heroes and I love physics. With super heroes pulled together to safe our earth which was under alien invasion made possible by the mechanics of quantum physics, we all had so much to enjoy and teach one another.

Captain America started as Joselyn’s favourite but as the action got loud, she somehow swapped him for the ‘Incredible Hulk’-very disappointing…LOL

Unlike Joselyn, I started with ‘Iron Man’ as my favourite and I ended the movie loving him even more. I love his technological investments and gadgets…

‘Avengers’ is a must seen movie. You will fully enjoy it if you watch it in 3D. I heard there isn’t a 3D cinema in Ghana yet, so I guess those of you in Ghana will not get the real feel of the action packed movie.

After about 2 and half hours at the cinema, it happened that Joselyn and I have a common friend who lives not far from the cinema so we drove down to say a big ‘Hello’ to her (She just had a new baby boy). There….What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

It was an exciting hangout and I really enjoyed it. The food was great, the movie was awesome and Joselyn was fabulous.

Check out the photos and video below! Feel free to drop a comment…(Photos & Video captured with Ipad).



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