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The most dangerous thing we can do to ourselves is failing to plan for our existence. The ability to shape and build our lives is the greatest gift available to us.

The problem however is that, most of us have no personal plans and therefore end up tapping into the plans of others. Leaving someone to build your life for you is extremely suicidal.

You will not leave your most precious property in life to someone…so why let someone build your life, your future and your well-being?

Most of us are doing nothing towards building our lives. After all, that is the easiest thing to do in life…Do nothing. However, nothing gets done by doing nothing. Your life will not get itself built by simply doing nothing.

It is heart breaking that we spend lots of time caring about the things we care about without rendering any service to them. Simply caring about something is not enough. It will not build that thing into its fullest capabilities. To build a life, we must begin to invest our time and strength into the things we care about.

We must stop being watchers of our lives, patiently waiting for something to fall on our laps. Remember nothing gets built by just waiting or watching.

Many of us are so comfortable and content with doing nothing. That is never the way forward in life. For us to build a better life for ourselves, we must begin to acknowledge that being comfortable as a sign of more to do, not a sign of less or nothing to do.

Even if for nothing at all, it is our own lives and we owe ourselves the highest duty to make it worthy…

Why don’t we get into the habit of building a strong life and future for ourselves? Our dreams and wishes of a better life will not play itself into action. We got to look beyond today, dismantle all those empty wishes and forge forward for a better tomorrow.

Start building your life now…Remember every moment is an opportunity to lay a building stone. A moment lost or used unprofitably is a life building opportunity lost. Even reading this is one of those wake-up moments.



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