Blogging: Banned From Adsense? Alternative PPC Ways To Monetize Your Blog

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Many new bloggers are finding it extremely difficult to be accepted unto Google Adsense program. Others do not also make enough money from the program and therefore supplementing it with other monetizing methods is the prudent way forward.

Unfortunately, some bloggers have also been banned from the program which used to be their primary income generating tool. If you fall within any of the above descriptions, there are other viable methods via which you can successfully monetize your blog…

Even if you are simply not interested in Adsense, I am sure you may like one of these methods which can fetch you the income you want from your blog.

 Pay Per Click Advertising

When we talk about the easiest way to monetize a blog, Pay per click, or PPC advertising comes to mind. The most common program is what I am letting go in this post-Adsense.

However, there are equally effective and easy programs which work just as Adsense. As you may already know, most PPC advertising programs demand that you embed a simple code in your blog. You will then earn money whenever a reader clicks on the adverts which the code will serve.

The more valid clicks you get, the more you will earn. This therefore means that, you will need to have huge number of visitors to be able to make huge amounts.

Adsense Alternative Pay Per Click Advertising Programs You Can Use Are;


Chitika is popularly tagged as ‘Adsense alternative’ and they guarantee to pay you 60% of Chitika’s revenue. You can set your account to receive payments as little as $10 (if you are receiving payment via PayPal) or $50 (if you want payments via checks).

Chitika has different sizes of ads and you can pick the colours of these ads to suit your blog or website for maximum returns. Note that Chitika offers publishers’ user targeted, search targeted, mobile and local ads for all websites, blogs, apps and mobile sites.

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Adbrite has a little advantage over Adsense and Chitika when it comes to the sizes and types of ads they serve to publishers.

Apart from the various sizes such as the popular 300×250, Adbrite gives you the option to have full page ads that rotate between your pages.

Also, Adbrite offers publishers the chance to have In-text advertisements where certain words in your post will be underlined (non-disruptively serving as Ads).

Adbrite is therefore more than a mere Adsense alternative; it gives you other monetizing options which adsense do not even have.

You can give Adbrite a try today by Click Here

Are you currently using any of these programs? You can share your experience below!


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