Your Life is Equally Beautiful and Meaningful…


Life is too short to keep procrastinating—and yet many of us have become masters of procrastination. It’s not just the hard work we push forward, hoping to get it done some other day; we even let go the fun, hoping to catch it up later in life.

But truly, the only time we have in life is now—and everything we deem important must be acted on now.  Tomorrow may seem just around the corner, but we many never get to see it.

I have met several people who look at my life and say, your life is beautiful and you have a lot of meaningful things going on—mostly, these comments come on days when I feel I am slacking. Though not fully true, they mostly remind me of the need to take on the challenges of life and do the things which matter to me today—as if tomorrow is not an option.

Everyone body has a beautiful life—the secret lies in how we present it to the world and more importantly, to ourselves. When it comes to meaning, we define it—and even though living a meaningful life may seem like a difficult task, it’s pretty easy.

To live a meaningful life is to be happy—and to find purpose in all the small things you do. Instead of waiting for that big opportunity, take the small one available—and move to the next small one. Instead of waiting forever for that big adventure, join the little adventure and eventually, when you add up all the little adventures and opportunities, it would make your life beautiful and meaningful. Read more