You Are A Product of Your Faults | It’s Time to Get ‘You’ Fixed

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The truth is hard to take and one of the most difficult truths out there is to accept that you are a product of your own faults.

Many of us look at ourselves in the mirror with unsatisfactory remarks—we are not where we want to be or we’ve put on a lot of weight. Our financial circumstance has not improved and our spiritual growth has halted; who is the cause of all these or any of the hovering problems?

Instead of us coming to terms with the fact that we are a product of our own faults, we quickly look around us to find where we can comfortably lodge the shame and problem.

A friend of mine blames his weight gain on the fact that there are two Burger King Restaurants near his house—and not that out of his own choice and fault, he walks in there each day to make a purchase.

My cousin thinks she is broke because there are no jobs out there for her—and not that, she has failed to re-train to be able to fit into the available jobs or create her own job… Read more