PHOTOS: What is Barcelona Without Paella & A Jar of Sangria? | From ‘Plaza de Catalunya’ to the Beach

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

Visiting Spain without eating Paella is like visiting Ghana without trying Waakye or Kenkey—or visiting Nigeria without sweating over pepper soup.

The first time I had Paella was when I visited Malaga and Marbella about two years ago and since then, it has always been on my mind. A friend told me about several restaurants in London which have Paella on their menu but why would I want to buy Paella from an Indian married to a Chinese and living in London?

Even if it looks like Paella, I doubt it would taste like the one that stole my tongue in Spain. So I had to wait—and from the time I jumped on the plane to Barcelona, it has been Paella on my mind.

Since I am out here on a budget, even if I wish to have Paella and a jar of Sangria for lunch each day, that wouldn’t be possible…

I need to head straight to the gym when the trip is over!

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