The World As It is…

Having a discussion with only one reference point, be it faith or a single life experience may make a person seem clueless no matter how passionate he/she is—of course that person is clueless in that regard.

Over the years, I have come to realise that knowing more about a single thing may seem fun, but the moment the subject changes, your fun ends and you become the next empty head at the table.

I have met a lot of well spoken people who have great understanding of their subject areas, but I have learnt to respect those who know more about areas they come across as having no interest.

I hold the law as the ultimate but I have lost count the number of times I have had to ask myself; which serves the best—morality or the law? Just like the egg and chicken paradox.

If our galaxy is one of the many billions, what makes us think we are alone in the cosmos—perhaps the same arrogance that makes us think we are the definition of perfection.

Interestingly, philosophy is gradually losing its place in our societies—paving way for music and movies, and the result is the countless dummies we have around who know more about Rihanna and less about Plato.

In the early days, philosophers were deep thinkers who lived on every street. People who wanted answers to the hard questions. Today, the only philosopher left among us is Google, answering all our questions for us including; what is the colour of cheese. And to think that we trust bots to be smarter than human beings says a lot about our sense of deep thinking. Read more