This Is Why You Are Not Successful


Despite the lousy nature of success, it is still achievable and many have beaten the obstacles to obtain their desire success.

It is the difficulty in achieving success that makes it precious, enviable and worthy of the rapid chase. If it could be randomly picked, it would have been worthless and we will not spend our entire life chasing it.

In order to achieve anything precious in life, you must give away your previous time, commitment, strong efforts and dedication.

Maybe you have done all the above but success has still failed to show up. You are not alone and the reason is that, the dicey nature of success demands you have other special ingredient in conjunction with the above to belt it down.

Unlike obtaining other previous things, dedication, strong efforts, giving away your previous time and commitment without the ‘magic’ ingredient will not fetch you the success you desire. Read more

Success ONLY Belongs To Those Who Do Something Different…


Either relative or not, success fits well and has always befriended those who stand tall among the rest. It is probably based on this idea of being outstanding that the concept of success and luck is founded.

Achievers have always been those who have produced distinctive results. It is your ability to produce and engage in things that people have NOT thought of or have disregarded which is likely to put you above these people, bringing you the success you desire.

Why bother and gear your efforts toward producing results which every other person can produce? Why engage in activities/businesses which everyone is engaged in?

Would it not be inane to try and sell a chewing gum to a friend who has packs of them and is also selling them? Why then are you doing what everyone around you is doing? Who will buy what you are selling if the person is selling the exact product or can easily produce the same? Read more

Success Is Not A Miracle, It Is A Result Of Your Labour


With time, I have come to realize the practical close link between success and labour. If there is any life phenomenon which perfectly projects Newton third law of motion, then it is success.

Despite how lousy and dicey ‘Success’ seems to be, its reflective relationship with labour is more realistic, intact and true than any sort of resultant relationship mankind has tried to construe between success and miracle.

You do not miraculously achieve anything you have not in one way or the other geared efforts toward. It simply does not work that way with success even if you think it does with many other things in life.

The straightforward relationship between labour and success has over the years been proven by experience and the outcome of mankind’s endeavours.

As much as you do not expect to put ‘gravels’ into a bottle and later open it to find ‘ sugar’, so should you not expect to put minimal effort into whatever you are doing and expect to achieve greatness.

Our success is simply a reflection, a throw back and above all, a reward for our labour. Your input to a larger extent determines your output. There is a strict corresponding relationship between labour and success. The reaction you receive (success) is just the result of your action (labour). Read more

This Is The Reason Why Your Success Is Taking Too Long To Show Up…


Are you not sick of waiting for the day you can excitedly jump up into the sky because the long awaited success has finally arrived? We wake up each day dived into the spirit of hope as we embark on several projects geared towards the attainment of the success we yearn.

How long are we going to be able to wait for this success to come our way? After years of working long hours, we seem to be rotating at the same spot without any forward movement.

Life is difficult and unfair but it cannot be that much of a nightmare if others around us are swimming in success. Surely, success is achievable, just that we are the ones not being able to join the achievers club. Read more

The Fear Of Failure Cripples Success , How To Overcome This Fear

Many have come to recognise and accept that the greatest enemy of mankind is our own minds personified by the fear of failure. Even the strongest minds of our time cannot swank of there not being a single time where the fear of failure has curtailed their thoughts on achieving that which they believe in.

The fear of failure is a natural disease living with the human mind. Its precincts are not restricted and can far stretch to affect anything we set our minds on to achieve. It strikes like an authoritative thunder which sets out in a clear light what would happen should you fail on a desire journey of progress.

As if you are not already aware, you would constantly be reminded of the fact that the money you holding in pursuit of your investment is not yours. And you would be in deep anguish should something goes wrong which is highly likely to happen, the fear of failure would tell your mind. Read more