Blogging Tips: How To Stop Other Blogs & Websites From Stealing Your Precious Content & Images

The most annoying and depressing practice in the online world is to have spent hours upon hours producing quality content for your blog or website, and someone else without your permission coming along to easily copy and paste them on his platform. If you are lucky, you will get a lousy credit.

As much as many people do not value people’s content/articles or images online, the original writers or photographers forever remain the true copy right owners.

Unless someone has been given permission to use these materials by the copyright owners, or it is being used under the principle of fair use, it is against copyright law for someone to lift the content and use them any how they wish-including publishing them somewhere else (either online or offline).

Online content thievery is getting out of hands with several blogs and websites being launched each day mainly to run on people’s content.

With the help of RSS Feed, your content can be posted automatically on someone’s websites/blogs just minutes after you have published them. Read more