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blog-e1465368313138I have been blogging for over a decade and if you care to know, that’s my full time job—meaning, I make enough to pay for my expensive rent in UK, bills, car insurance and everything.

I even paid for Law School with the revenue from my blogs; this is the reason why I did not take any student loan in the United Kingdom.

And it cost a hell lot of money to go through the Law School—so this should give you an idea as to the limitless revenue potential of any blog.

Today, I am to guide you on how to start your blog for as little as less than 4 Dollars (15 GHS) a month—and then open yourself to the potential of making as much as you can imagine or 1500 dollars (5000GHS) a month easily.

My sister quit her job as a nurse in Ghana late last year to become a blogger and she is making three times the salary she earned as a nurse in just 2 and half months—and she just started so she will soon be racking things up.

Some years ago, I helped a friend-Ameyaw Debrah from Ghana with a blog just as I am about to help you, and today he is making a lot money from it as a full time blogger based in Ghana. I bought his domain name, provided a web space/hosting and designed his blog for him. Read more

Why Don’t You Start Your Own Blog Or Website Today? I Will Help You Do It For FREE


I have in the past week received several emails from people who want to start their own blogs for several reasons.

Many of these people love writing and will like to share their thoughts, experiences and ideas to the world through a blog. Others want to help  and connect with people they know and those they do not even know through writing/blogging.

Then there are the other set of people who want to make money online by blogging. The dreams of all these are being held back by the technical knowledge needed to set up a blog.

There are many tutorials out there on how to set up a blog but they are pretty useless if you do not understand technical terms like FTP and CPanel. It is even worse if you do not know how to set up a database.

Since wordpress is the most used blogging platform (That is what I use on all my sites), I have decided to FREELY set up wordpress blogs for anyone who is lucky enough to find this article and follow the simple steps below…

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Have Your Own Blog In Just 4 Minutes…Start The Blog That You Always Wanted To Start This New Year

Few years ago, I was just like you…I had always wanted to start a blog and share my opinions, ideas and memories with people.  What I did not know was that, the blog will grow to become this huge, attracting millions of readers and putting me out there as an authority…

Through my blogs (since then I have created several others), I have met some wonderful people including celebrities and uncountable opportunities have come to me through the blog.

I am glad that I am here today but sometimes I wish I had started early.  I always wanted to have a blog, I love to write and more importantly, I love to have an opinion.

My blogs have created perfect platforms for me to interact with millions of people and share ideas/opinions on issues of common interest all around the world.

Apart from the above benefits, my blogs provide me with enough income to live the Dot Com Lifestyle. It has been a wonderful journey…

If you are in the same situation that I was in few years ago (wanting to start a blog), START IT TODAY…Take opportunity of this New Year and become that great writer/blogger that you want to be.

If there is ever going to be a right time to start your own blog, the time is today…

For just $3.95, you can start the blog that you have always wanted and by the time you know, you would become an authority in your chosen niche or you would become an internet celebrity with millions of readers and followers.

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5 Important Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog Now


Apart from the fact that I have been able to visit countries like Sweden, Denmark, France, Scotland and others several times for days while not being bothered much about money because my income streams never stopped, blogging has also given me the platform to help others.

It is not all about money for some of us…I love blogging because of the freedom it gives me.

If I want, I can pack my bag and head to Ghana to live with my family for as long as I want and not be bothered about finding a job to keep money coming in. All I will need is an internet connection and then I can enjoy my freedom and still work on my blogs (which will bring in the money).

Aside the freedom to wake up when I want and visit where I want to visit at a time I want, I am able to escape all the mad rush and traffic in town.  I do things like going to the supermarket when everyone seems to be at work, I go to the gym when everyone is at work too…

Blogging has brought me some great friends. Through my blogs, I have met several people including celebrities. Friends I would never have if it was not because of my blog.

Below are my 5 important reasons why you should also start a blog today…

  1. A Perfect Platform To Help Others

If you love to help others with what you have or know, then blogging is surely for you.  What do you know? What can you help others with? Do you want to teach others how to paint, write, cook, be successful or make money? You can do this through a blog.

If you have gone through some tedious times in life and have come out successful, your story and the way you dealt with issues can help those going through the same problems. You can reach such people who are desperately in need of your help through a blog.

I find a lot of satisfaction in helping others and this is why I have a blog.  Over the years, I have taught several people how to start a blog, make money online with a blog, how to be successful in life, how to start a smaller business from home and how to live a happy life through my blog.

  1. You Can Make Money From A Blog

Making money from a blog is pretty easy and comfortable.  If you want to make a full time income from a blog or just have an extra income coming in to supplement your earnings, this is achievable.

You can join the millions of people making money online through their blogs by starting your own blog today.

Few weeks ago, I sold one of my blogs for 5 figure dollar cash.  Even though I am not making millions of dollars a month from my blog (though some people do), I make enough and more than I can make form a full time job.  If you are fascinated about how money is made from blogs, Click Here…

  1.  It Is Easy To Start/Set-Up A Blog

Considering the returns and satisfaction you can derive from a blog, it is pretty easy to set up.  Without any experience, you can set –up a blog in less than 30 minutes.

Not only is it easy to set up, it is also very cheap to set up and keep it running. In fact, you can set up a blog for free (this has some limitations).

If you want to go for paid blog hosting (without any limitations),  it will not cost you more than $7.99 dollars to have a blog. That is exactly how much I pay each month for over 20 blogs

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  1. A Blog Will Give You Freedom

The most valuable thing one can enjoy and have in life is his/her FREEDOM. Though we are not in prisons and therefore, legally free to do what we want, desire and at what time, this is not actually the case.  The freedom we have is somehow an illusion…it is curtailed by things like our jobs.

How many of us can go to the park with our friends or children on a Monday afternoon even if the weather is great? You do not have the freedom to do so, you would be at work.

Even if you will be able to do so, you would have had to book a holiday (fill a form to ask for a bit of freedom) from your master.

This is why I cherish blogging. As I mentioned in my first paragraph, I can decide to look for a plane ticket now and head to Canada. I do not need to go and beg my boss for the freedom (holidays) to travel.

Yesterday, I was at the gym when everyone seems to have been at work. I love the quietness!

If you cherish your FREEDOM as much as I do, then blogging is for you.

  1. Blogs Bring In New Opportunities

Over the years, I have been hired to do web design jobs, set up blogs for people, edit people’s  work/books through my blog.

The best part of this is that, all these opportunities came my way when I was not actively looking for them. All I did was to mention on my blog that I can be hired for services including the above.  People who love my content/work on my blog have offered me good money to do things for them.

Apart from these work opportunities, I have also had the opportunity to attend events and meet some great people for free through my blog.

I know bloggers who get paid to stay in hotels or travel so they can write about their experiences. The opportunities blogging brings it endless.

What is holding you back from starting a blog? What is holding you back from gaining your freedom? What is holding you from helping others in life?  Start a blog today and you will never regret you did!