FIXED: Previous Non-Compliance Google Adsense Violation | How to Resolve This Site Level Violation

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Google Adsense

Google Adsense currently has two violation levels; site level violations and account level violations—-with publishers receiving notifications of the former frequently, to be resolved mostly within 3 working days.

One of the confusing yet easy to fix site level violations, which I recently was warned of, is what Google Adsense terms as “Previous Non-Compliance.”

This is pretty vague on the face of it, but when you read the message that comes with the warning (the place shown in red below), you are somewhat told what the problem is. Read more

How To Obtain The Maximum Revenue On Your Blog From Google Adsense


If anyone tells you that he has all the tips to help you get Google Adsense right and accrue a maximum income, he will be lieing to you since Adsense dwells on the concept of try and error when it comes to spot placements and choice of colours that really works for any particular blog.

Despite the above, there are certain fundamentals that must exist and must be known by any blogger using or thinking about using Google Adsense before even jumping to the try and error stage (finding the best position of placement).

Firstly, you must understand and be fully aware that, Google Adsense Income is simply the sum of your Traffic, High Paying Ads and Relevance of served Ads plus Ads Design and Position.

Mathematically, this can be written as Google Adsense = Traffic + High Paying Ads + Relevance of served Ads + Ads Design and Position.

The above equation is what is essentially needed to generate a maximum income from your blog. I will explain this a little more below for you to get a proper grasp at it.

Your Blog’s Traffic

When it comes to Traffic and a blog’s Adsense revenue, the simple ratio & proportion logic works. The more traffic you have on your blog, the more clicks you will get on your ads. This is simple as ABC.

The more people that visit your site and see your Adsense ads, the more likely that you will receive clicks. The lesser the traffic, the lesser the clicks will be. Read more