When The Death of Someone Changes Or Affirms Your Perception Of Life

We’ve all gotten certain perceptions of life—how life is, ought to be or will be. These perceptions are determined or influenced by our surroundings, wants and individual convictions.

Over the last few years, I’ve greatly bought into the idea that life is an interesting journey full of bends but it is short—pretty shorter than most of us think.

My perception of life being short has shaped a lot, giving me the strength to go for the things that I really want and relegating procrastination to the background.  I have come to realize that, the only time I have is today and I must enjoy that moment like it is my last on earth—after all, tomorrow is not guaranteed.

In relation to the above, I’ve gotten off my slow butt and have decided to do most of the things that matter a lot to me, especially those that involve wonderful experiences which I can take to my grave.

I’ve always wanted to travel and spend good time with the people that are dear to my heart but I intended to do so when the financial dust settles. I also wanted to engage my mind in further studies but was waiting for the perfect time.

Eventually, I realized life is short and the longer I leave these things which are important to my happiness, the higher the probably of never getting them done becomes.

What is it that you so much want to do in life but keep pushing back—thinking you have all the life ahead, so you will one day get it done?

Earlier this week, a Ghanaian lecturer who taught me Equity & Trust and Tort Law at the Law School passed away and her sudden death has affirmed my perception that life is too short—therefore, we better start doing the things that are so important to us.

Her death came as a total shock to me.

Just last month, I E-mailed her about a postgraduate course—-International Human Rights. And quickly, she responded. Our communication ended on the note that, I will pass through the Law School anytime I am in East London to see her as it has been a long time. Read more