The Dot Com Lifestyle: How I Painted Denmark & Sweden Red…

Last week, I flew into Copenhagen, Denmark and then proceeded to Malmo, Sweden to get a feel and taste of life in Scandinavia.

After years of living in UK, I wanted to know how things are in the Scandinavia since I have heard several stories about the exceptionally cleanliness of these places.

The lifestyle of Scandinavia residents is reported to be far different from that of UK, I wanted to see for myself and try to spot the difference.

Even though I live 5 minutes from Luton Airport, I could not find flights from Luton to Copenhagen, so I had to fly from London Gatwick.

Finding A Hotel & Travelling To The Gatwick Airport

Before going to Gatwick, I spent days searching for hotels in Copenhagen. I have high taste for accommodation so wanted the best deal I could find.

After reading several reviews and considering the location of several hotels, I settled for the Wakeup Copenhagen.

Despite the fine location of the hotel (10 minutes walk from Copenhagen Central Station), the price was very affordable and within my budget.

Back to the day of flying…My departure time was 6:45 which meant that, I had to live Luton by 4am to get to the airport at 6:00am. Since check-in was meant to close at 6:15am, I decided to make use of Easyjet’s self check in service.

It was a good idea that I checked in at home and printed my boarding pass. When I eventually got to the Airport, all I needed was to pass through security and head towards the boarding gate.

At the security gate, my luggage got pulled out because I had liquid (shower gel, body spray, and perfume and body lotion) measuring over 100ml.

Even though I fly a lot, I have always had a main luggage where I put all my liquid stuff (This goes under the plane so no problem). This time, all I had was my hand luggage and per Airport rules, I could not carry over 100ml into the flight. I wonder why I thought I could have gotten away with this. I guess it escaped me. Read more

A Lunch With Award Winning African Actress Ama K Abebrese

Ama Konadu Abebrese was in London last week and we caught up for lunch…For those who do not know anything about Ama K. Abebrese, she is an award winning Ghanaian Actress (She won 2011’s Africa Movie Academy  Awards Best Actress ). Click Here To Read More About Her

Do not mind the quality of the photos-my ipad couldn’t do much this time!

Check out the food 🙂 What do you think the food is?