Why Limit Yourself With Assumptions?


Depending on how deep and far your assumptions go, they can be of great benefit to your life and can also become a strong bulwark between you and the endless possibilities life has to offer.

Therefore, challenging yourself to look beyond your assumptions and to find the realities which exist puts you right in the center of life: the truth.

Because many of us are scared to the face the truth, we prefer to live in a room of assumptions—mostly mischievous assumptions.

When you spend too much of your time assuming what things are, would be or could have been, you rob yourself of the reality—what things really are, what they were and the endless possibilities of the future being different from anything you can assume.

It’s when you embrace the reality of things that you can find within them the lessons, the hidden beauty, the certainty and the inconsistencies to be able to sharp the future ahead of you.

Of course life offers enough experience which can be put into good use in a way of assumptions but what’s the good in assuming when you could verify— find out the reality? Read more