What You Cannot Achieve In Life Is…


Life is full of achievers and failures; certainly we have more of the latter than the former. This therefore brings to mind that, there is a limit placed on what we can accomplish as individuals.

Despite the fact that we are all success hungry human beings, not all of us are or will be able to be successful in life. Reasonably this may suggest that, there is a ceiling as to how far we can go as different individuals.

If there is a differential limiting factor as to what we can achieve, then nature has been extremely cruel to some of us. Whiles others have forged forward to become all they desire (with their ceiling being all they desire); some of us can successfully argue that, our ceiling is right above our head (extensive restrictions)-we can’t achieve anything!

Life is not fair but it is not this cruel. The disparity in our achievements cannot be underpinned to the above restrictive deduction. Read more

The Fear Of Failure Cripples Success , How To Overcome This Fear

Many have come to recognise and accept that the greatest enemy of mankind is our own minds personified by the fear of failure. Even the strongest minds of our time cannot swank of there not being a single time where the fear of failure has curtailed their thoughts on achieving that which they believe in.

The fear of failure is a natural disease living with the human mind. Its precincts are not restricted and can far stretch to affect anything we set our minds on to achieve. It strikes like an authoritative thunder which sets out in a clear light what would happen should you fail on a desire journey of progress.

As if you are not already aware, you would constantly be reminded of the fact that the money you holding in pursuit of your investment is not yours. And you would be in deep anguish should something goes wrong which is highly likely to happen, the fear of failure would tell your mind. Read more

Achieving Your Dreams…

As much as most people have ambitions and that which they desire to achieve in life, most of our ambitions and aspirations continue to remain unachievable through our journey in life.

Many individuals have dreams and have popularized themselves with just having dreams. Achieving these dreams would never come to pass as there is no vigorous effort towards realizing these dreams.

The concept of having a dream is just enough for certain individuals, be it that the dream is achievable or not is out of their contemplation. I have dreams and regards for dreams, but just having it is never enough for me since every individual can have the same or even galloping dreams. Read more