Still Unsuccessful? 12 Reasons Why You Might Not Make It to the land of Success

So what does it really take to reach success? Success is a very complex phenomenon that cannot be summed up in a few sentences. Depending on who you ask, success means different things. If you were to ask me, I’d say it means having improved lives with many gifts. If you were to ask an entertainer, he or she might say it involves reaching the highest peak of their career. The first step in achieving success is often deciding what it means to you.

But whatever your version of success is, it can be really annoying and frustrating—when day after day, things are not working out for you. There are thousand of books, articles, videos, interviews out there, dedicated to teach you to be successful and yet with all this incredible information available at little to no cost, so many of us continue to live in mediocrity and will never taste success before we hit the grave.

Fortunately there are signals Life gives to let you know you are on the road to constant failure. By acknowledging them and making the necessary changes, you will increase the odds of obtaining success.

Check out these 12 reasons why you will not make the cut to become successful

1. You have dreams (great) but your set goals are not so great

You often imagine a more desirable version of your life, but instead of working towards making that vision a reality, you settle for present circumstances. You complain often, but change little. You say you want certain things but you do nothing to obtain them. You wish for your life to get better but you make no commitment to improve yourself or your circumstances. Read more

Success Is Not A Miracle, It Is A Result Of Your Labour


With time, I have come to realize the practical close link between success and labour. If there is any life phenomenon which perfectly projects Newton third law of motion, then it is success.

Despite how lousy and dicey ‘Success’ seems to be, its reflective relationship with labour is more realistic, intact and true than any sort of resultant relationship mankind has tried to construe between success and miracle.

You do not miraculously achieve anything you have not in one way or the other geared efforts toward. It simply does not work that way with success even if you think it does with many other things in life.

The straightforward relationship between labour and success has over the years been proven by experience and the outcome of mankind’s endeavours.

As much as you do not expect to put ‘gravels’ into a bottle and later open it to find ‘ sugar’, so should you not expect to put minimal effort into whatever you are doing and expect to achieve greatness.

Our success is simply a reflection, a throw back and above all, a reward for our labour. Your input to a larger extent determines your output. There is a strict corresponding relationship between labour and success. The reaction you receive (success) is just the result of your action (labour). Read more

The Quickest Way To Achieve Success In Life…


Probably you are convinced that achieving success has no formula or any particular pattern. This may be as a result of the inability of the numerous success achieving tricks having been able to produce anything great for you.

I can assure you that there is a formula and if strictly followed, success will come your way. However, this post does not intend to try and convince you that there is a formula for achieving success (something you probably agree or do not).

Whether there is a pattern one must follow to achieve the success he desires or not, one thing is more than certain here-Success is achievable. If success is achievable, then surely there must be a way to bring it to us quickly…right?

Instead of having to wait for years, there is a simple way to influence and speed up the arrival of your success, this is what most of us are lacking in life.

Ask yourself this simple question; why are we waiting on success and I will tell you the answer…Because we are waiting for an opportunity that will bring success out of the box, an opportunity that will land us on success, an opportunity that will open the way for us. Read more