How I Made Over 400 Dollars On Christmas Day Without Doing Anything—From A Single Article I Wrote A Year Ago


In 2015, I decided to use satire to address some societal issues–poking fun at serious issues to further conversation and to seek corrections.

In the same year, Saudi Arabia’s human rights abuses continued–as usual, with America, a friend and global human rights watchdog looking the other way.

So on 25th December 2015, we wrote a satire for ScrewLife.Com, talking about Saudi Arabia’s ban on Christmas celebration and using that piece to zoom in on other of its human rights abuses.

That day, the article went viral–and made us about 300 dollars in 2015 in Ad revenue.

That article has been SHARED 183,000 times on Facebook alone. Read more

My Thoughts…The World in My MIND

I grew up in Ghana but there is no bit of any of the infamous ridiculous traits of a Ghanaian left in me.

I have always wanted to be intelligent by spending a lot of time trying to understand so many dead men theories, but I recently realised you don’t need to know everything to be intelligent.

Being a man comes with a lot of props but being a woman sounds equally advantageous. Above it all, being a human is more important.

Love without dedication may work for a short time and the ease of having it so is very tempting, but the beauty of love is hidden in the difficult work channeled towards its full enjoyment.

Reading law has taught me a lot about the importance of rules but knowing the rules is not as important as living within it.

I find it difficult to choose between black and red even though black is my favourite. Red always wins because that is her favourite. As if I have any choice.

Beauty and appearance can easily get one into a relationship but the sustainability of any relationship is deeply rooted in intellect and the connection that can continue to create the wild excitement.

Few years ago, I was confronted with the greatest conundrum of either to pursue a postgraduate degree in philosophy or law. Finally, I found myself back in a law school. After all, philosophy creates nothing, says my friend.

I am African well informed by western ideas but shaped by those true African notions which make life a hell of adventure.

While my friends struggled to select a college some years back because there were several good ones at their disposal, I took the easy route by assessing what books my top two colleges offered in English. Mfansimpim offered Animal Farm and Adisadel College offered Things Fall Apart. I will forever be glad Chinua Achebe was such a persuading author.

It is difficult to be a real critic but more difficult to be really criticised. That explains why many love the former but detest the latter. Read more

Life Owes You Nothing So Stop The Moaning & Do Something…

How often have I heard people say ‘life has not been fair to me’ and ‘my life is crap’ or my friend is doing so well, they are so ‘lucky’ as if life owes them something or their friend just woke up one day with success and money at their fingers?

For some reason, many of us think life has an obligation towards us, and this obligation is for things to easily or favourably work our way with minimal or no efforts in as quicker time as possible!

If you wouldn’t like it when all the stars of the universe conspire against you to make your life hell, why must they come together in calmness to freely offer you greatness? Life was here before you so why must it owe you a damn thing?

Instead of us getting out of our self-pity, laziness, desire for instant gratification, get rich quick mentality and schemes, to go out there and chase what we are passionate about, we constantly nag and moan about what life has not given us.

It is unfortunate that some of us think this way…we want something so life must give it to us or present us the opportunity to aid in getting it without doing anything about it or doing very little.

We want to live a certain lifestyle and think life owes us the duty to make sure that happens.  We want to get to the top and life owes us an obligation to ensure that we get to the top.  Not only get to the top but make it easy and smooth for us. Are we really asking ourselves how realistic these demands and assumptions are?

Why must life owe you anything when you do not acknowledge that you owe yourself something? If you cannot put in the sacrifice, vigorous effort, sleepless nights, sweat and go through the obstacles of life as a duty to yourself so as to achieve what you desire, why must life do that for you?

These constant complaints and comparisons suggesting that life ought to give us what we need and provide us the living we want is often accompanied by ‘life is not easy’.  Who ever said it was going to be easy? Did anyone promise an easy life? The time spent talking about the hardships of life is time wasted that can be used to make a plan to get what you believe you are owed through your hard work.

Stop planning that holiday or shopping trip for instant gratification and use that money and time to invest in getting you to your desired life. Your ‘lucky’ friend likely did not indulge in all the things you rewarded yourself with so they could get the life they want.

Holidays and shiny possessions will always be there, they are not going anywhere. When you reach your goals and you become successful you can have all the holidays and possessions your hard money can then buy.

If you really want something in life, you have to get out there, solve problems, jump hurdles and fight battles to get it…If that thing is worth it, then it must be worth the struggle and fight too. Read more