Breakfast With Award Winning Actor Prince David Osei + Photos & Video!

Award Winning Actor-Prince David Osei made a stop at Luton-UK, on his way to the 65th Cannes Film Festival and we hooked up for an English breakfast this morning (20/05/2012) at my local café (The best in UK…LOL).

During the hour breakfast together, we shared knowledge on the development of the Ghana Movie Industry, the obstacles standing in its way; Ghana’s participating in the 65th Cannes Film Festival, his recently launched clothing line and other things…

After our breakfast, we drove to my flat where I offered Prince-David the usual British hot cup of tea. He was somehow amazed to see that I have carnation tin milk…LOL. And if you do not know, Prince does not like sugar so when you make him a cup of tea, do not drop in there any sugar. Read more

A Dinner & Cinema With Sexy Actress & T.V Presenter-Joselyn Dumas + Photos & Video!


I am done with studies (let’s say I have finished with the first face of studies) and as such, I will be doing a lot of interesting travels, lunches and dinners with various celebrities, friends and family (I will blog on most of these things on my newly launched personal blog-www.TopVincent.Com).

Few days ago, award winning Actress-Ama K. Abebrese was in town and we caught up for lunch. Coincidentally, that day was her birthday as well so we had a lot to dish out whiles enjoying an aromatic Thai food at a quite and posh West London restaurant. (Click Here For Photos & More).

Yesterday, I caught up with top TV presenter & Actress extradoniare-Joselyn Dumas for a cosy  Dinner at Wandsworth’s Ekachai Dinning Room, followed by a trip to the world of  ‘Avengers’.

After our loving dinner and having had enough chats and giggles, we headed to the cinema to enjoy the much talked about movie-‘Avengers’ in 3D.

Grabbing a large ‘bag’ of popcorn and rocking our 3D glasses, we were taken into the exciting and valiant world of the ‘Avengers’.

Joselyn Dumas has a hidden love for super heroes and I love physics. With super heroes pulled together to safe our earth which was under alien invasion made possible by the mechanics of quantum physics, we all had so much to enjoy and teach one another.

Captain America started as Joselyn’s favourite but as the action got loud, she somehow swapped him for the ‘Incredible Hulk’-very disappointing…LOL

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My Thoughts: In The Midst Of Glamour, African Women Are Indeed Beautiful & Worth Being Celebrated

The beauty of Africa is not just entrenched in its landscapes, wild life, greener forest and sarcastically its corrupt leaders, its women are extremely glamorous and true embodiment of natural beauty.

I have never taken time out of my busy schedule to give a “tell-tale” glance to the beauty Africa is endowed with in terms of the diverse but beautiful women who are twisted, shaped and curved in different ways.

Last night presented to me 8 glamorous women from various parts of Africa. It was like a beauty pageant where all the fabulous and naturally beautified and perfectly created black women were lined up.

My experience last night got my mind settling deep on the words; indeed African women are beautiful and worth being celebrated. Without contempt and not sounding racist, I can boldly say beauty comes in black and lives in Africa. Read more

A Lunch With Award Winning African Actress Ama K Abebrese

Ama Konadu Abebrese was in London last week and we caught up for lunch…For those who do not know anything about Ama K. Abebrese, she is an award winning Ghanaian Actress (She won 2011’s Africa Movie Academy  Awards Best Actress ). Click Here To Read More About Her

Do not mind the quality of the photos-my ipad couldn’t do much this time!

Check out the food 🙂 What do you think the food is?

I Love Politics But I Hate The Accompanying Anti-Intellectual Culture In Ghana

Chris-Vincent @ Brighton Pebble Beach, Living The Dot Com Life
Chris-Vincent @ Brighton Pebble Beach, Living The Dot Com Life

Many individuals including close friends and family have asked why a law graduate like ‘me’ pursuing a career in law has fanatical interest in Ghanaian Entertainment instead of politics.

The consistent nature of the above question reflects the strong desire and the interest Ghanaian lawyers and several highly educated individuals have in politics.

If the political game in Ghana is predominantly played by highly educated and intellectual minds, then, is it not only reasonable that we expect a fair game play-divorce of any anti-intellectual culture? Don’t we have the right, in fact a duty to demand an equitable game play by these highly intellectual minds?

Contrary to the above, the actions and omissions of many of our politicians, intellectual minds and rulers fall below what such great minds are accepted to reasonably exhibit in governance. Read more