Your Religious Group Is Not Going To Any Heaven/Paradise, Mine Is…So Spare Me Your CRAP!

If you think your religion is supreme and only you and your religious group members are heading to heaven/paradise, whiles the others are definitely going to hell or nowhere, close this article…It is not for people like you. In fact, I dislike people like you who think a group they belong are inherently supreme to others and do not make real effort to understand the dealings of others…

Religion is a dicey subject and as such, many people avoid discussing it. Many of us are experts in our own Religions and are confident that we are on the right path. If our group is on the right path in a world where we have right or wrong, where are the other groups heading?

We have millions of books and holy writings to back our assumptions and claims of belonging to the right Religious group; I mean the one God says it is right for His children…

What most of us lack is the strength to consider and understand the Religious practices and preaching of others. We have the best and yet we do not even know about what lies behind our walls. I am not sure how we got to know we are in the best since we have not sufficiently and objectively compared or given that of the others the necessary attention.

God is practically, conceptually and imaginably difficult to understand. The mind of God can never be understood. And this is because, God does not directly deal with us, we deal with our selves. He deals with us through mankind.

To understand the mind of God, we must understand and appreciate the minds of others, especially those who do not belong to our Religious group. Instead of us embracing the principle of unity in diversity, when it comes to Religion, we seem to entrench diversity with trivial assumptions and proclamation.

What Religion do you belong to?

It is true that some will find God even if they are brought up in a remote part of the world. However, the Religious group we belong to is heavily influenced by geography-like it or not. If you are a Christian reading this, get this right…If you were born in Saudi Arabia, the probability that you would have been a Muslim is far higher than being what you are today.

If things we do not have control over such as place of birth, parents and even upbringing affect our Religious group choices, why are we then making such groupings divide us more than it should be, creating uneasiness amongst us and to some extent, creating permanent barriers when it comes to certain dealings with certain people?

I prefer to call myself a student of all Religions, open minded about every Religious group and certain about none. Do not get me wrong, I am not an atheist-that is not even a Religious group anyway.

My background and upbringing surely have contributed to this stand and this has helped my human interaction and understanding of people from several Religious groups.

My mother is a strong, respected Christian, a Pentecostal and currently, she is the deputy women’s leader of the Church of Pentecost at where she resides.

I can say I grew up well with my grandmother who worshiped with the Presbyterian Church and devoted the best part of her life serving God through the church.

My first girlfriend was a respected and devoted Muslim. I recently heard she has converted to Christianity because of her husband (good for her).

When growing up, I had several friends and the one I cherished most was a Rastafarian by belief. He was kind, warmhearted and God fearing. What I loved most was his free spirit and consciousness.

I had my Senior High School Education in Adisadel College, an Anglican school which had a resident Priest. For the 3 years, I sung various Anglican hymns, worshiped the Anglican way and took communion every Monday in an on campus Anglican chapel.

I attended college at East Ham in London and I had several Asian and African Muslim friends. We hanged around after classes and rushed to get food together each day…I respected their views on Religion and where they belong.

At the Law School, I dated a Buddhist for almost a year. Her world view, understanding, calmness and way of life which were heavily influenced by her Religion is something I have never come across. She was such an innocent intelligent young woman.

At the same University, I had several friends from different Religious groups such as Sikh, Hindu, Judaism and those who did not have any space in their hearts for any Religion.

My girlfriend today is a Christian and she is respectful, generous, nice and believes in natural remedies so she is currently studying for a second degree in alternative medicine.

Why the long talk?

All these people I met and know belong to different Religious groups and probably in the comfort of their own rooms; they think their religion is the best.  I hope they do not think so though…

Despite this, they all have certain amazing human traits. They are real human beings before Religious human beings.  I got on well with them, respected them and instead of judging their views on Religion, I make efforts to look at things from their corner.

If you were standing where someone is standing, if you were brought up how someone was brought up, if you have experienced exactly what someone has and if you know what someone knows, I bet you will see things the way they do or understand their views much better.

There is only one true Love but many of us get to that through different means. So if there is only one true God as your Religion teaches you, then there are several ways to get to this God of which your Religion is one.  Belonging to that Religion does not make it supreme and not belonging to the other groups does not make them inferior.

It is satisfying to belong to a Religious group because the sense of congregation brings unity and reinforcement. But what is it to humanity if we cannot openly unite with other groups in spite of our diversity? Beauty lies in diversity!

So the attitude; my religious group is the only one going to Heaven/Paradise so spare me the crap does not help to understand, appreciate and see things from the view of other religious group members. It curtails the unity in diversity that we can achieve with all these Religious groups.

I wish we were all students of all Religions and then, we could put the lenses of other groups on and see what they are seeing…

Video + Photos: A Wonderful Night Out With Africa’s Best-Actress Jackie Appiah In London

Last Thursday, I got the chance to hang out with Star Actress Jackie Appiah in London (from 8pm to 1:30am). The over  5 hours hangout with one of Africa’s Best Actress was exceptionally interesting.

Contrary to popular allegation, this was my first time of meeting Jackie Appiah and also the first time I have had a full real push and pull conversation with her.

Though we have in the past exchanged text and BB messages, the only out of the ordinary communication I have had with her until last Thursday was a voice note she once sent. I think what she wanted to say then was too long for the usual typing and as many people do, she also went for the voice option.

From the above, you can quickly deduct that even though I have met several celebrities, meeting Jackie Appiah meant a lot to me, my blog-GhanaCelebrities.Com and my ‘status’ as a celebrity blogger.

And oh yeah, we did not just meet, we had long chit chats over dinner and then proceeded to hang out at her Posh Central London Hilton Hotel where I managed to get answers to some interesting questions. Read more

How Wednesday Repeats Itself For Me Each Week…Routine Breakfast At Costa Coffee!

I hate to repeat things in life and this is probably because I love the excitement new things always bring. This is one of the main reasons why I will find it difficult doing a job that is founded on repetition no matter how huge the reward would be.

For some months now, I have found a pattern in my way of life and it is the same for each Wednesday.  Do you have something that you do at an exact time or day of each week?

I wake up at around 8:30 (Alarm set to this time) each Wednesday and then catch up on bath, check my E-mails and run for the 9:19 bus to the Luton Law Centre where I will work from 10am to 4pm.

You may be wondering what happened to my car. I do not drive on Wednesdays. It is not that serious but the fact is, the Law Centre pays for my travel and it costs a lot to drive down there compare to getting on a bus which takes about 10mins.

I once drove down there when the weather was bad and parking for the whole day was £8. A single bus journey costs £1.50. By the end of this post, you will know why I do not buy return tickets but only one way tickets to town. So as a good person, I think it is great that I result to the cheap means of travel so that the Law Centre can save some money too…LOL

The 9:19am bus has never been late since I started taking it. I always manage to be at the bus stop by 9:15 and I meet certain regular faces all the time, waiting for the same bus. They must be doing the same thing each week too.

The bus gets to the town centre by 9:30 each Wednesday.  Straight from the bus, I head to Costa Coffee, which is a minute or two walk from where I get down.

At Costa Coffee, I always grab an orange and mango mix tropical juice and a biscuit. I go for their Ginger biscuit though I have once tried their short bread. Read more

Blogging Tips: How To Stop Other Blogs & Websites From Stealing Your Precious Content & Images

The most annoying and depressing practice in the online world is to have spent hours upon hours producing quality content for your blog or website, and someone else without your permission coming along to easily copy and paste them on his platform. If you are lucky, you will get a lousy credit.

As much as many people do not value people’s content/articles or images online, the original writers or photographers forever remain the true copy right owners.

Unless someone has been given permission to use these materials by the copyright owners, or it is being used under the principle of fair use, it is against copyright law for someone to lift the content and use them any how they wish-including publishing them somewhere else (either online or offline).

Online content thievery is getting out of hands with several blogs and websites being launched each day mainly to run on people’s content.

With the help of RSS Feed, your content can be posted automatically on someone’s websites/blogs just minutes after you have published them. Read more

Lunch With Actor John Dumelo In London + Photos & Video Chit Chat About Some Difficult Issues In His Life.

Ghanaian Actor and Africa cinema’s lover boy-John Dumelo made a day stop over in London and we caught up for a chit chat over a Chinese meal at one of the biggest and busiest shopping malls in the world-Stratford Westfield.

During lunch, we talked about the state of endorsement deals for Ghanaian movie stars, the issue of branding, crossing the continent to Hollywood and the relationship between the stars themselves.

Our conversation took another turn when some noisy friends I know from my Law School days joined in. These friends are die hard female fans of John Dumelo and it was a big honour to meet their idol.

As they settled in, the conversation got interesting and deeper. Interesting random questions where thrown at John. His relationship status was questioned and the various allegations of him having been ‘playing’ with the heads and hearts of several women were splashed before him.

As usual, the sweet talking John Dumelo, unmoved by these random but sensitive questions cleverly answered them amidst several jokes.

Since John Dumelo was leaving for Ghana in few hours, I had to end the fun and craze. I thought I had escaped the whole celebrity & fans madness but it got even messier as we made our way towards the car park.

On our way to the second floor escalators, 2 young girls spotted John Dumelo and asked to take a photo with him. Within 2 minutes, it turned into a long ‘friggin’ queue of fans-both young and old.

The queue got longer and longer by the second. There was no way it was going to end without having to hurt some of these people.

I instantly became John’s ‘manager’ and calmly told the desperate photo seeking fans that,  John was leaving for Ghana and he has only few hours to catch his flight so if they love him as fans, they have to let him go.

It worked like magic…Though many were disappointed; we managed to escape them all. In fact, I did not know John Dumelo had such a huge UK fan base.

In all, it was a nice catch up with the playboy-John Dumelo…

Check out the photos and video below