What Bobbi Kristina’s Death Reminds Me About Life…

Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of the late singer Whitney Houston, poses at the premiere of "Sparkle" in Hollywood, California, in this file photo taken August 16, 2012. Brown, daughter of late pop star Whitney Houston and of Bobby Brown, was rushed to the hospital after she was found unresponsive in the bathtub of her home in Roswell, Georgia, CNN reported on Saturday, citing police.   REUTERS/Fred Prouser/Files   (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)

Yesterday, Bobbi Kristina (daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown) finally died, aged 22—-and today, I want you to look at life from a different perspective with this in mind.

The rich will die, the poor will die, those we love will die and those we loathe will also die—life is a big disappointment but hidden in this big mess is one thing; ability to forgive, reform, give people as many chances as possible and help them become better persons.

All the ego, sense of political correctness, desire to make a point, not bending our own principles even if doing so will give another a second or fifth chance at doing what is right may make us feel instantly gratified or better today—but the question is; is it really worth it?

At the end of it all, everyone will go down the ground and the sole thing we will take with us is memories.

For this reason, I make creating experiences—even if sometimes it’s messed up ones my priority in life.  Life is one hell of a thorny journey and though the day is unknown to us, it will eventually come when we will also die.

So now that you are alive and have the chance to make people smile, make them better and offer them the underserving ‘another’ chance at whatever they’ve brutally failed, do it—I know for sure Bobbi Kristina would have wanted another chance to make things right. Read more

How Come These Internet Fraudsters Are So STUPID? | How My Email Won 800 Thousand Dollars in An America Lottery


The dumbest fraudsters I’ve come across in life are those internet ones who send random emails out—trying to get you to open some file, send you some huge money they claim to have, those saying you’ve won a lottery and lastly, those who claim to be from a certain bank.

Sometimes, I spare a minute to ask myself this; do these people ever get to scam anyone out there with these old widespread lame tricks? But, it must be working for them somehow—else, why have they not decided to alter the same old obvious scam they’ve been peddling for many years?

To me, they are deeply stupid and lazy—you must also be deeply greedy or stupid to fall for their tricks.

If you have an email address, I am sure you’ve received several emails from some people who claim to be surviving spouses, children or relatives of a rich African billionaire who left behind huge sums of cash—and they intend to transfer this cash to you or intend to make you the beneficiary.

This line of scam has been going on since emails became available and yet, they continue to push it. I even got an email like this yesterday from a certain Hussein from Libya. I don’t even believe that email came from Libya…

And then we have those who work for a big unheard-of lottery organisations, carrying the good news of your huge winnings.  A few years ago, I decided to play a little dumb to one of these emails to see how far it will get for an experience purpose—and it was really interesting.

Out the blue, I got an email from a certain Elizabeth who said she was in charge of accounts at a lottery firm in Ohio, USA and that my email address had somehow been selected randomly as a winner of their annual lottery. She added that, I had won 800,000 dollars so she was writing to congratulate me and ask for my details so they can swiftly send out my cheque.

Of course I knew this was one of those stupid attempts at scam; because no one will give out such a huge sum of money to anyone for free—more also, for a lottery that you did not even enter into. But I decided to play along and quickly wrote back…

In my reply, I mentioned that I was really excited to have heard the news—and in fact the timing was so right because I needed a bit of money to add to a large loan I had taken to purchase a Yacht as I was moving to Liechtenstein. Take note of the country I picked, I doubt a Yacht will be of any good use there—but they were too stupid to even spot my sarcasm. Read more

The World As It is…

Having a discussion with only one reference point, be it faith or a single life experience may make a person seem clueless no matter how passionate he/she is—of course that person is clueless in that regard.

Over the years, I have come to realise that knowing more about a single thing may seem fun, but the moment the subject changes, your fun ends and you become the next empty head at the table.

I have met a lot of well spoken people who have great understanding of their subject areas, but I have learnt to respect those who know more about areas they come across as having no interest.

I hold the law as the ultimate but I have lost count the number of times I have had to ask myself; which serves the best—morality or the law? Just like the egg and chicken paradox.

If our galaxy is one of the many billions, what makes us think we are alone in the cosmos—perhaps the same arrogance that makes us think we are the definition of perfection.

Interestingly, philosophy is gradually losing its place in our societies—paving way for music and movies, and the result is the countless dummies we have around who know more about Rihanna and less about Plato.

In the early days, philosophers were deep thinkers who lived on every street. People who wanted answers to the hard questions. Today, the only philosopher left among us is Google, answering all our questions for us including; what is the colour of cheese. And to think that we trust bots to be smarter than human beings says a lot about our sense of deep thinking. Read more

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When The Death of Someone Changes Or Affirms Your Perception Of Life

We’ve all gotten certain perceptions of life—how life is, ought to be or will be. These perceptions are determined or influenced by our surroundings, wants and individual convictions.

Over the last few years, I’ve greatly bought into the idea that life is an interesting journey full of bends but it is short—pretty shorter than most of us think.

My perception of life being short has shaped a lot, giving me the strength to go for the things that I really want and relegating procrastination to the background.  I have come to realize that, the only time I have is today and I must enjoy that moment like it is my last on earth—after all, tomorrow is not guaranteed.

In relation to the above, I’ve gotten off my slow butt and have decided to do most of the things that matter a lot to me, especially those that involve wonderful experiences which I can take to my grave.

I’ve always wanted to travel and spend good time with the people that are dear to my heart but I intended to do so when the financial dust settles. I also wanted to engage my mind in further studies but was waiting for the perfect time.

Eventually, I realized life is short and the longer I leave these things which are important to my happiness, the higher the probably of never getting them done becomes.

What is it that you so much want to do in life but keep pushing back—thinking you have all the life ahead, so you will one day get it done?

Earlier this week, a Ghanaian lecturer who taught me Equity & Trust and Tort Law at the Law School passed away and her sudden death has affirmed my perception that life is too short—therefore, we better start doing the things that are so important to us.

Her death came as a total shock to me.

Just last month, I E-mailed her about a postgraduate course—-International Human Rights. And quickly, she responded. Our communication ended on the note that, I will pass through the Law School anytime I am in East London to see her as it has been a long time. Read more