How To Obtain The Maximum Revenue On Your Blog From Google Adsense


If anyone tells you that he has all the tips to help you get Google Adsense right and accrue a maximum income, he will be lieing to you since Adsense dwells on the concept of try and error when it comes to spot placements and choice of colours that really works for any particular blog.

Despite the above, there are certain fundamentals that must exist and must be known by any blogger using or thinking about using Google Adsense before even jumping to the try and error stage (finding the best position of placement).

Firstly, you must understand and be fully aware that, Google Adsense Income is simply the sum of your Traffic, High Paying Ads and Relevance of served Ads plus Ads Design and Position.

Mathematically, this can be written as Google Adsense = Traffic + High Paying Ads + Relevance of served Ads + Ads Design and Position.

The above equation is what is essentially needed to generate a maximum income from your blog. I will explain this a little more below for you to get a proper grasp at it.

Your Blog’s Traffic

When it comes to Traffic and a blog’s Adsense revenue, the simple ratio & proportion logic works. The more traffic you have on your blog, the more clicks you will get on your ads. This is simple as ABC.

The more people that visit your site and see your Adsense ads, the more likely that you will receive clicks. The lesser the traffic, the lesser the clicks will be. Read more

Why Most Blogs Fail, Is Your Blog Making Enough Money Online?

I have come across people in the world of blogging attributing the failure of many blogs to the ease at which a blog can be set up coupled with the no or less cost of running a blog syndrome.

Though the above are two of the numerous reasons why most blogs fail or have failed, I believe there is a common and far serious reason why most blogs are unable to survive the non money making stage to make it to the “cash in” stage.

It is always refreshing and challenging to read and learn that certain big blogs like my all time favourites “JohnChow.Com” and “ProBloggers.Net” are making more than 30 thousand US Dollars each month.

The fact that many are making it with their blogs means you can also do it. In the same light, the fact that many have failed with their blogs and cannot even make a living out of them also means you can fall into the failing ditch of blogging. Read more

Make Easy Money Online, Start Today. How I Make Over $2000 Online From My Less Than 2 years Old Blog As A Student

Making money online sounds like a scam to many. I am not amazed why most people do not believe that indeed you can make substantial and genuine money online by spending less to cultivate this money.

So many people and companies are online selling all sorts of kits with the tagline “Making Quick Money Online”. Most of these kits are scams and do not really bring you to the real world of making money online. They rather take your little money by selling their unproductive kits to you.

The above does not however mean you cannot make easy money online. I am writing this to help all the smart people dig into the world of making money online as I am currently doing.

The amazing part of my making money online tool is that, it does not need you to spend any money. You are not spending any money so if you are smart enough, you will start your own online “business” to cash in some money. Why not try? After all it is free and you have nothing to lose.

I do not sell any money making online kit; all I am bringing to you is taking you through the steps which I took to be making over $2000 a month from my blog as a student. Yeah, you heard me right, over $2000 a month.(As at 23, Sept,2010)

It may seem huge to some people and to others it is a peanut. No matter what it seems to you, the fact of the matter is, I am making this online, sitting in the comfort of my bedroom and cashing in that sum each month. Read more