Share Your Thoughts Online & Be Paid For Doing So | My Friend Makes Over $1000 A Month From Just Doing This

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I read a lot of interesting messages or mini articles on Facebook from a bunch of friends who do not really know the worth of their thoughts—and who have probably not considered being paid for the value they add to the web.

The web is a big business which flourishes on content: so instead of helping build the web with great contents for free, why don’t you get paid for every contribution you make?

I have countless friends who make over 2,000 dollars each month online—and that’s not their main job, it’s just something they do for fun. Something they would have done regardless of the money.

And the truth is, many of us are spending a lot of time online without considering getting paid for this time.

Let me tell you about how easily one of my many online friends in USA is making enough money to cover her car note and rent each month—by just sharing her thoughts on whatever is of interest to her at any point in time. Read more

Why Are You Throwing Away Money Online? | It’s Time to Put the Money in Your Pocket

Make Money Online
Make Money Online

In real life, no one will take money from his pocket and intentionally throw it into the trash can—and only a few would let a true money making opportunity escape them. But in the virtual world where most of us spend a lot of time these days, we continue to throw away a lot of money—unaware.

I have several Facebook friends who continue to write interesting posts and status updates on Facebook—and these posts generate a lot of responses days on, sometimes into weeks.

Mostly, when I look at how often these friends put out their interesting thoughts on issues and the sort of conversation these thoughts generate, I say to myself; that is a lot of free money going through the air.

It’s fine to be online and be active on social media but it’s certainly not fine to continue making Mark Zuckerberg and his already rich cronies more money—money that should come straight into your pocket.

Believe it or not, anytime you logon Facebook, you make the owners of Facebook some money—and when you post a photo or status update, you make them more money. When your friends comment and spend time flipping through the pages, they also join in to make the owners more and more money . Read more

The Dot Com Lifestyle: Working From Anywhere You Want for FREE

Anytime someone asks me about the new rich lifestyle-the dot com lifestyle, I quickly displace the misconception which suggests the lifestyle is about being stinking rich in cash—letting the person understand that, it is about being stinking rich in TIME.

Look, there are a lot of people out there who work 15 hours a day and as such, are paid really good while doing these long hours and jobs they really hate.

Unfortunately, they do not even have any TIME to enjoy the reward of their hard work—or spend quality time with their friends and family, let alone find time to do the things they really enjoy doing in life.

Sadly, many of us will live our lives being suckers, trading our time for money (only getting paid when we are working) and never getting time to do some of the things which are important to us. Many of us are slaves—just that we have invisible shackles. We have no control over our time and what we want to do with our own lives.

You have to beg and fill long forms to just get a day off and even when you are sick, you have to explain to your employer why you cannot make it work. This is definitely not the definition of life—working hard to be paid peanuts while those you work for do little and enjoy the big cash. Read more

12 High Paying Advertising Networks to Increase your Blog/Website Revenue

Having or starting a blog has become pretty easy with everyone jumping into the game. The most difficult aspect is to get huge traffic to your blog and even if the traffic comes, how to make money from these visits can be a headache…

I recently wrote an article on How to Get Free Traffic to Your Blog, if you’ve not read it yet, I recommend you do so by CLICKING HERE.

If you are looking for some good advertising networks which will operate automatically and bring you enough cash while you concentrate on producing quality content, I’ve put together some of the industry great ones for you…

I’ve tried most of these advertisers so I am making the recommendation based on experience and the few that I’ve not used them personally, I’ve used them on some clients’ blogs or I have friends using them and the results have been great.

Let me warn that, do not plaster your blog with many ads since that is not the way to make money. In fact, it will not only make your blog look tacky, it will annoy readers and they will stop visiting eventually.

Find out two or three that work great with your blog and stick to those… Read more

Getting Paid to Watch Kung-Fu Movies Online? 7 Realistic Ways to Make Money on the Internet/ Online

I am sure you’ve heard or read about people making a lot of money online—and you occasionally come across those who make as much as 6 figure income on the internet.

The truth is, it is pretty easy to make money online and the amount you can make is limitless. However, some work must be done even though it may not be that tedious. If you are looking to make money online without having to do anything at all, then just close this page and go out there to stake the lottery.  While doing so, do me a favour and throw your computer into the sea.

When I talk about realistic ways to make money online, I am not referring to any scamming adventure which will land your butt in jail for the next ten years. I am talking about legitimate means of racking in the cash with ease from any part of the world—as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.

I like to call it, living the Dot Com lifestyle… Read more