Lunch With Actor John Dumelo In London + Photos & Video Chit Chat About Some Difficult Issues In His Life.

Ghanaian Actor and Africa cinema’s lover boy-John Dumelo made a day stop over in London and we caught up for a chit chat over a Chinese meal at one of the biggest and busiest shopping malls in the world-Stratford Westfield.

During lunch, we talked about the state of endorsement deals for Ghanaian movie stars, the issue of branding, crossing the continent to Hollywood and the relationship between the stars themselves.

Our conversation took another turn when some noisy friends I know from my Law School days joined in. These friends are die hard female fans of John Dumelo and it was a big honour to meet their idol.

As they settled in, the conversation got interesting and deeper. Interesting random questions where thrown at John. His relationship status was questioned and the various allegations of him having been ‘playing’ with the heads and hearts of several women were splashed before him.

As usual, the sweet talking John Dumelo, unmoved by these random but sensitive questions cleverly answered them amidst several jokes.

Since John Dumelo was leaving for Ghana in few hours, I had to end the fun and craze. I thought I had escaped the whole celebrity & fans madness but it got even messier as we made our way towards the car park.

On our way to the second floor escalators, 2 young girls spotted John Dumelo and asked to take a photo with him. Within 2 minutes, it turned into a long ‘friggin’ queue of fans-both young and old.

The queue got longer and longer by the second. There was no way it was going to end without having to hurt some of these people.

I instantly became John’s ‘manager’ and calmly told the desperate photo seeking fans that,  John was leaving for Ghana and he has only few hours to catch his flight so if they love him as fans, they have to let him go.

It worked like magic…Though many were disappointed; we managed to escape them all. In fact, I did not know John Dumelo had such a huge UK fan base.

In all, it was a nice catch up with the playboy-John Dumelo…

Check out the photos and video below


Breakfast With Award Winning Actor Prince David Osei + Photos & Video!

Award Winning Actor-Prince David Osei made a stop at Luton-UK, on his way to the 65th Cannes Film Festival and we hooked up for an English breakfast this morning (20/05/2012) at my local café (The best in UK…LOL).

During the hour breakfast together, we shared knowledge on the development of the Ghana Movie Industry, the obstacles standing in its way; Ghana’s participating in the 65th Cannes Film Festival, his recently launched clothing line and other things…

After our breakfast, we drove to my flat where I offered Prince-David the usual British hot cup of tea. He was somehow amazed to see that I have carnation tin milk…LOL. And if you do not know, Prince does not like sugar so when you make him a cup of tea, do not drop in there any sugar. Read more

A Lunch With Award Winning African Actress Ama K Abebrese

Ama Konadu Abebrese was in London last week and we caught up for lunch…For those who do not know anything about Ama K. Abebrese, she is an award winning Ghanaian Actress (She won 2011’s Africa Movie Academy  Awards Best Actress ). Click Here To Read More About Her

Do not mind the quality of the photos-my ipad couldn’t do much this time!

Check out the food 🙂 What do you think the food is?

Adventures Of Growing Up As A Child In Ghana, “Sending Be What”

Reflecting on life throws a vivid picture of my childhood days in Ghana. The adventures that sidelined growing up in Ghana are so entrenched in my minds that I can never forget them.  In fact, I miss being a child in Ghana and this makes me wonder if others do have their childhood adventures and experiences so well engraved in their minds too.

Do not get me wrong, it was hectically difficult growing up as a young boy in Ghana, but the experience was so good that I will never regret it. I certainly know most of our readers on GhanaCelebrities.Com had different childhood experiences, grew up at different parts of Ghana or in different countries but it would be grippingly amazing if we can all share our little unforgettable childhood experiences.

A common thing almost every Ghanaian parent has is the edge to give his or her child some sort of quality education. My mother was fanatical on this and my teachers did worsen the burden by bombarding my mates and I with countless home works.

Since I am talking about the fundamental of my today (education), I would try to chip in the various unforgettable experiences during my childhood educational days which we might all have experienced. I hated home works and I know most of my friends did too. I wouldn’t be surprise if you hated those home works as child.

The most annoying aspect of these home works is the fact that every subject teacher gave one out and some times, you can be burdened with about 4 different home works, all due for assessment the next day. (And this is when one is just at the primary school…) Read more

The Things We Take For Granted As Africans & Ghanaians, I Am Guilty, What About You?

My Seafood In Brighton (Lobster)
My Seafood In Brighton (Lobster)

I have always recognized that Africa and for that matter Ghana is auspiciously blessed with so many things that money and power cannot purchase.

As another Ghanaian out there, despite the fact that I am sentient of the beauty of our naturally endowed landscapes, water bodies and their astonishing features, this has not stopped me from taking these things for granted.

It is quite normal and nothing spectacular to many that live in Ghana to visit the seaside (beach) and enjoy some of the fresh sea food that we fall on whiles at the coast or beach.

The ease at which we get access to the various beaches in Ghana and Africa together with the little we pay out to enjoy the diverse delicious seafood out there have not given us enough reasons to reflect on certain things which would enable us to fully appreciate how blessed we are as Ghanaians to have these things at our door steps.

It would not be that bad if it is just about our failure to appreciate that which nature has blessed us with, most of us are and have taken these naturally provided facilities for granted.

I am one of the many Ghanaians who did not recognise how blessed it is to easily have access to the beaches, enjoy the amazing atmosphere and sea front as well as feed on some of the most delicious and highly nutritious sea food. Read more